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Retailer Offers

Earn cashback as you spend

Earn up to 15% cashback with Retailer Offers
With Retailer Offers, you could earn cashback from a variety of major high street and online retailers, when you use your Santander debit or credit card. This service is available through Online and Mobile Banking if you’re aged 16 years or over.

  • Choose: as many offers as you like
  • Spend: as you would do normally at your chosen retailers with your Santander debit or credit card
  • Earn: cashback which will be paid into your chosen Santander account

If you’re a 1|2|3 World customer, cashback from Retailer Offers is in addition to your 1|2|3 World benefits.

Important information for additional credit card holders
If your only relationship with Santander is as an additional credit card holder, you’re not eligible for Retailer Offers. You must be the main account holder for a Santander debit card,  or be the main account holder for another Santander credit card. You must also be able to log on to your own Online or Mobile Banking so that you can switch on Retailer Offers.

Retailer Offers isn’t available to you if you only have a cahoot, business banking or corporate banking account or card.

Switch on your Retailer Offers
Its quick and easy:

  • Log on to Online or Mobile Banking
  • Click on Retailer Offers
  • Accept the terms and conditions on the registration page and choose the Santander account you'd like to receive your cashback into. This can be any of the following accounts (cahoot accounts/cards, business current accounts/cards and corporate accounts/cards are excluded):
    • Santander current account
    • Santander credit card 
    • eSaver (available in Online Banking only)
  • We’ll pay your cashback at the end of the following month into your nominated account
  • For cashback from Direct Debit offers, this will be paid the following month after the second Direct Debit has been paid.

Explore your offers:

  • Once you’ve switched on your Retailer Offers you'll see offers tailored to you from a range of retailers such as supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas and many more.
  • With each offer you can see what cashback you could earn and check the expiry dates as well. Remember, every offer will have its own terms and conditions and this information will be available when you click on each one.

You'll also be able to:

  • Check the 'Offers near you‘ in a map view (available in Online Banking)
  • See the total cashback you've earned from Retailer Offers for the last three months
  • See which of your offers have expired (available in Online Banking)
  • Change your settings (choose a different account to receive your cashback into, choose to show offers in your online statements and switch off Retailer Offers).

Take a look at the Retailer Offers factsheet

Retailer Offers is a free service although we may charge a fee in the future. We will give notice if we plan to charge a fee so that you have time to cancel the service if you wish to.

Don't have Online or Mobile Banking?
You must have a Santander debit or credit card and Online or Mobile Banking to use Retailer Offers.
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New to Santander?
Take a look at our range of current accounts and credit cards. Then register for Online or Mobile Banking and you'll be able to log on, switch on your Retailer Offers and start checking out where you can earn cashback.

Read the Retailer Offers terms and conditions  

Here are some examples of retailers you could get offers from:

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