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Regular eSaver

Regular eSaver


Online regular savings funded from your Santander current account, exclusively for 1|2|3 World, Santander Select or Private Banking customers

  • 2.50% AER/gross (fixed) for 12 months.

  • Save up to £200 a month paid by standing order from your Santander current account.

  • Withdraw funds from your Regular eSaver by transferring funds into a Santander current account.

  • Manage your account through Online or Mobile Banking.

  • If you pay in £200 per month for the full 12 months and make no withdrawals, you'll get back what you paid in plus up to £32.26 in interest, depending on your standing order date.




An online savings account with instant, penalty-free access


  • 0.25% AER/gross (variable) for 12 months.

  • Save from £1 up to £2 million.

  • Manage your account through Online and Mobile Banking.







Everyday Saver



A straightforward savings account with instant, flexible access

  • 0.10% AER/gross (variable)

  • Save from £1 up to £2 million.

  • Manage your account through online, mobile, branch or telephone.


Fixed Term Bonds

Fixed-Term-Bonds-Hero Image


A guaranteed interest rate for a fixed term 


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