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Savings coming off a good rate?

Considering investing could be a smart move.

Why consider investing when your savings mature? 

When interest rates begin to drop, it's time to start thinking about how to protect your savings for the future.

Save or invest: what’s the difference? 

Savings accounts can help you put money aside for short-term needs. Investing is for when you want to grow your money over the long-term. 

Putting money into a savings account does mean that the balance won’t drop. However, it’s unlikely to grow much, and rates can be eroded by raising retail prices (inflation).

So, should you invest?

Investing increases the chances of growing your money over the long term (that’s 5 years or more).

When you invest, you can still take your money back if you need it. But the longer you can invest it, the better gains you may get. 

If £10,000 was invested 10 years ago, it would now be worth £11,217.99 in a savings account or £14,859.47 in an investment fund

Enjoy the perks of investing with us 

Whatever your goals, we’re here to help make them a reality. By investing with us, you can: 

  • transfer some or all of your maturing savings into investments
  • choose a ready-made investment fund to have the potential to grow your money even more
  • see and manage your investments in Online and Mobile Banking, and 
  • while you should aim to keep your money invested for 5+ years, you can take out your money at any time – it’s not locked away. 
  • choose an investment to suit your level of risk



Treat yourself with cashback on your investment

An exclusive offer for our Easy Access Saver Limited Edition (Issue 1) customers who decide to invest. Cashback offer closes 31/07/24. Offer could be withdrawn at any time. The amount of cashback paid depends on how much you invest. Minimum investment £5,000 and T&Cs apply (PDF - 67 KB)


If you invest £5,000-£9,999, you'll get £50 cashback; £10,000-£24,999 get £100 cashback; £25,000-£49,999 get £250 cashback; £50,000-£74,999 get £350 cashback; £75,000-£99,000 get £500 cashback; £100,000+ get £1,000 cashback.

Good news – you can move some or all your money into an investment fund

Here’s a few steps to getting you started today

Open a stocks and shares ISA or an investment account

The Investment Hub is where you’ll be able to open, view and manage your investments with us.

Decide how much to invest


You can transfer a one-off lump sum or make regular monthly payments into your account.

Pick your investment 


We’ve made it easy with our ready-made investment funds – or you can choose your own.

We’ll do the rest 



Once your money is invested, we’ll let you know.

If you’re not confident about investing yourself, we do also offer advice to help you understand if investing is right for you

As with all investments your capital is at risk and you may get back less than you invest. Investments should be held for the medium to long term (5+ years), unless there is a fixed term that applies. Past performance isn't a guide to future performance.

Why invest with Santander?


people choose to invest with us

£6.4 billion

invested using the Investment Hub

Around 850

funds available on the Investment Hub

25+ years

experience providing investments

Source: Santander UK plc as at July 2022