Trusteer Rapport

We strongly recommend you download Rapport for extra protection

This malware protection software is free, easy to install and simple to use. It’ll work with any existing security software that you may have and it:

Software download | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

Lets you know if you're using the genuine Santander website and not a fake one

Software download | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

Provides a secure connection between your computer and Santander

Software download | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

Identifies malware and neutralises it before it interacts with your online usage

Software download | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

Provides you with added protection when accessing up to 100 other websites from your computer (which are not partner Rapport websites)


If you think your Santander accounts have been compromised, or you may have given out your security details, please call us immediately on: 0800 085 0937

  • Safeguard your identity - identity theft is one of the fastest-growing threats in the UK
  • Peace of mind - Rapport tells you that you really are connected to your bank, and not a fraudulent website
  • Protect your passwords - helps stop fraudsters accessing your online banking details
  • Well proven - Rapport was developed by the online security experts at Trusteer
  • Easy to use and install - It's a simple and free download to each computer you use to bank online. Technical support is also available
  • Specially configured to Santander - It's ready to help protect your online banking with Santander
  • Flexible - once downloaded you can set up the software to protect any website that uses private or personal data
  • Ahead of the game - Rapport doesn't rely on constant updates to stop fraudsters
  • Fast - Rapport is a small piece of software. It's designed to let your computer work just as quickly as before
  • Compatible - Works alongside your existing anti-virus and firewall protection

Make sure you download it to each computer you use for online banking so that you're protected at all times.

Remember that Rapport will never ask you to provide any of your personal details.

So you know you're protected, look out for the Rapport icon that appears next to your browser's address bar.

If the icon is green, you're protected and your information is safe:

Rapport browser icon green

If the icon is gren, then Rapport isn't safe-guarding your information:

Rapport browser icon grey

If you need help once you've downloaded Rapport, you can email

Trusteer Rapport - FAQs

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