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Trade Barometer Spring 2024

Some of the key findings

In our Spring 2024 Trade Barometer, when asking UK businesses trading internationally, where they expect to see growth, 35% said US, 21% said Canada and 21% said Australia.

The US remains a clear growth opportunity

What are the key growth markets for your business, and how do you get there? Our report shows the US is still at the top, but Canada has leapt up to second place. But where else is growth expected? Read more in our latest report.

In our Spring 2024 Trade Barometer, when asking UK businesses if there were bringing their supply chains closer to home, 16% said they'd already done so, 14% said they were planning to in the next 2 years and 18% said they hadn't but were exploring their options.

Moving supply chains closer to home

Businesses continue to shift their supply chains closer to home, with over a third already making the move. But where are they moving to? Read our latest report to find out more.

In our Spring 2024 Trade Barometer, 55% of UK businesses said there were looking at great transparency of suppliers, up from 43% in Autumn 2023. And 46% said they were looking to validate material and processes, up from 35% in Autumn 2023.

Putting ESG front and centre

Businesses setting their sights on global expansion appear to be ahead of the curve with ESG and sustainability strategies. With supply chain transparency growing in importance for many, is increased pressure from customer and shareholders leading the change?

‘Speak to someone like Santander’

Almost half of businesses surveyed said international trade is becoming a higher priority, as the UK continues to face economic challenges. What can they learn from others who have already taken the leap? ‘My advice to other businesses trying to enter a new market is to speak to someone like Santander.’ Hear what else Robert Duke, Director G&I Spirits has to say and download our latest report for more insights.

Supporting your international journey

Whether you’re just setting out on your international journey or you’re an established multinational, we’ll support you every step of the way. Our experienced team can call on local expertise almost anywhere in the world. They can help you connect to the people you need to know, wherever you want to do business.

Trade Barometer | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

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Businesses we've helped on their international journey

Connecting Delta Global to a world of opportunity

Delta Global are specialists in luxury packaging. At their core, they're passionate about offering bespoke solutions to suit each client. They believe luxury packaging is about more than just the end use.

Making the most of Santander Navigator, Delta Global have access to pre-qualified, high-quality providers. We saved them time finding the right people to speak to in large and complex markets. They use this time to focus on their business and its future.