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Payment cut-off times

About our domestic and international payments services

We have many domestic and international payments solutions for your business.

Domestic payments

The easiest way to make domestic payments is using our Online Banking service, Santander Connect (fees may apply). If you cannot make a payment online, you can call Client Services on 0333 207 2229. Browse the table below to see the cut-off times and settlement dates for each payment type.

Domestic payment requests Banking channel 3 Cut-off time for same day dated payments 5 Funds will be taken from your account 4 Funds should be available on beneficiary account 4

Faster Payments 1

Single immediate transaction

Online 23:55 Usually immediately Usually immediately
Client Services - over the phone 17:00
Client Services - by email 13:00

Bulk Faster Payments2

Via 'Bulk Payments' facility

Online 15:55 Day of receipt Same day


Single immediate transaction

Online 17:35 Within 90 minutes following receipt Within 3 hours
Client Services - over the phone 15:40
Client Services - by email 13:00

Bacs Credit Transfers 2

File submission (3-day processing)

Online 19:00 (Business day 1) Business day 3 Business day 3
BACSTEL-IP Third Party software as per your software supplier


To learn more about cheque processing times, see our cheques page.


  1. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes sterling inter-account transfers between own accounts (IATs).

  2. Services (CHAPS, Bulk Faster Payments and Bacs) are available on working days only (Mon - Fri).

  3. Online through Santander Connect, or alternatively by requesting through our Client Services team over the phone or by email.

  4. Subject to the standard security checks by Santander and the Beneficiary Bank.

  5. Connect also offers future dated payments. The cut off time for all future dated payments is 23:55 on the day before the payment date.


  • Please make sure there’s enough money in your account to cover any payments.
  • Make sure all payments are fully authorised before you submit them by the specific cut-off time, so that it’s received for same day processing.
  • If we receive a payment instruction after the specified cut-off time, then it becomes a payment that’s received on the next working day. This doesn’t include Faster Payments, because they’re processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We do not accept payment instructions sent by fax or post.
  • All payments go through our standard security checks after they’re authorised. Please allow 2 hours for the checks to be completed.
  • Payment instructions sent in bulk (2 or more) by email might not be considered as received same day. We’ll try to process the payments on the day received, but if the instruction is received close to the cut-off time or has a high number of payments, it might not be possible to process that same day.
  • The CHAPS, Bacs and Bulk Faster payment services are open for payments on working days only, in the scheme operating hours. The UK Faster Payments Scheme is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can contact our Client Services team on 0333 207 2229, Monday to Friday 8am to 5:30pm.


International payments

We can support your domestic and international payment needs. Our domestic payment types include CHAPS, Faster Payments and Bacs. Our international payments include SWIFT and SEPA. You can make payments online using our Santander Connect, San Direct Host to Host or through our Customer Service Centre.

Here’s some information on how to contact us, and details of payment cut-off times and settlement dates.


You don’t need to have an account in the payment currency. Santander can convert your payment into the currency that you need. 

For currency conversions, we use near-real time exchange rates.

You can find more information about the settlement dates and cut-off times in the calculator below. Just enter your account currency and the currency you want to send. 

Available (Yes/No) Payment Cut-off time Settlement date

Please note, if you are making an EUR payment, the calculator will only show cut-off times for EUR SWIFT.

If you are looking for cut-off times for EUR SEPA, please see the table below.

Available (Yes/No) Payment Cut-off time Settlement date
Yes (EUR SEPA) 17:00 Next working day


Further support

1. How can I send an international payment?

Our Online Banking service, Santander Connect, is the most convenient way to send international payments.

If you want to submit payments over the phone, we’ll need to go through some security checks. We’ll charge a higher fee for payments requested via the telephone.

2. What’s a currency cut-off time?

The currency cut-off is when we need to get your payment by, in order to process it on the same day. For example, if the cut-off time is 2pm you must submit and authorise your payment on Santander Connect, before 2pm. Otherwise it’ll show as having been received the next working day. Payments submitted over the phone will take extra processing time of up to 24 hours.

3. What is a currency settlement time/date?

It’s the date when the beneficiary bank receives the payment. For example, if the settlement date is same day, and we receive your payment before the cut-off time, it’ll reach the beneficiary bank the same day. If the settlement is 2 working days, and you submitted your payment on Monday before cut-off, the beneficiary bank will get the payment on Wednesday. The day the payment is received is also known as the payment ‘value date’.

4. What happens if I send a payment after the currency cut off?

Your payment will be processed the next day.