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Trade finance

Simple solutions for trade finance and information on the complexities of international trade.

Trade finance | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

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Trade finance | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

All businesses, from established multi-national companies to companies taking their first steps overseas, looking for expert help to deal with the many considerations that are relevant to trading internationally.

Trade finance | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

Key features

  • Our team are committed to delivering a simple, personal and fair approach to trade finance.
  • We will work with you to understand your trading risk profile and how risks can be mitigated. 
  • We will deliver the most appropriate product mix which may include access to a wide range of trade finance solutions.
  • We can improve your working capital position and help accelerate cashflow.

How we can help you

We understand that trading with business partners based overseas can be challenging. Whether you are weighing the commercial and economic risk climate of individual countries, your financing needs prior to export or import. or how you can ensure you are paid once your goods are delivered, it is important to have ready access to the right level of support. 

Business success depends on being able to mitigate the risks involved in trading internationally and in finding the right trade finance solutions. 

Santander provides a wide range of trade finance solutions and can guide you through what can seem a complex area. So whether you are an established international business or taking your first steps abroad, our dedicated team of trade finance specialists are on hand to support you. 

We provide solutions to help you manage risks, credit terms and payment flows and to identify opportunities to accelerate cash flow. 

Our services are tailored to addressing your needs and include: helping you mitigate country and political risk, buyer/supplier risk and contractual risk; offering the right finance mix, which might include import loans, pre-export finance, receivables finance and bill discounting; as well as assisting with liquidity with accelerated cashflow, deferred payment terms or bridging funding gaps. 


All lending is subject to status and lending criteria. The right to decline any application is reserved.