Paying into your account

Paying into your account | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

The convenience of the Post Office® – current accounts only1

If you have a current account you can make transactions using any Post Office®* branch1 in the UK.

Paying into your account | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

Paying in cash

If you have a Cash Deposit Card, you can use this to pay in cash at the Post Office®1 without the need for paperwork. You can also make deposits at the Post Office® using your debit card.

Take your Cash Deposit Card to the counter at any Post Office® branch and tell them what amount you'd like to deposit. Hand them the cash. Then swipe your card and accept the amount that appears on the screen if it’s correct. The amount that you deposit will be recorded on our system the same day. You’ll be handed a receipt for the value of cash you’ve deposited.

The process is similar if you use a debit card, except you’ll insert your card instead of swiping it.

Paying into your account | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

Paying in cheques

To pay in cheques at a Post Office® branch1 , you’ll need a ‘Cheque-only’ deposit slip and a cheque deposit envelope. You can deposit up to ten cheques per slip. The Post Office® branch1 will give you a receipt as proof of deposit. The receipt won’t show the value or number of cheques deposited. The cheque deposit envelope will stay sealed until it reaches us, to make sure the contents remain secure. The ‘cheque only’ deposit slip inside the cheque deposit envelope will tell us how many cheques you deposited and their value.

You may want to keep a copy of each cheque you deposit. We recommend you keep a record of all cheques you deposit on a cheque summary sheet. We have these available on request. They’ll help you record information such as the name of the payer, the cheque number, the account number and sort code and the value of the cheque(s) you’ve deposited. We also advise you to write your account number on the back of each cheque.

We also have a range of other services to meet more complex needs. For more information on these, please contact your Relationship Team.

You can view all your transactions on our online banking service, Santander Connect. Fees may apply for Santander Connect.

Information on cheque clearance timescales can be found on our cheque deposits page.

1 Except for Post Offices® on the Isle of Man and British Forces Post Offices®.

*Services and opening hours for individual Post Office® branches within the Post Office network may vary.