Direct debits and standing orders

Set up a standing order to send a regular sum of money from one account to another. Use Direct Debits to allow other companies to collect money from your account regularly.

You need to make sure you have enough cleared funds in your account at the start of a working day or a pre-agreed overdraft limit to support all your standing orders and Direct Debits. The Direct Debit guarantee means that if any money is wrongly taken from your account under a Direct Debit, we’ll refund the amount to your account as soon as you tell us.

If you want to set up or cancel a standing order, please call our Client Services Team on 0333 207 2229. You can also set up or cancel a standing order yourself using our online banking service, Santander Connect (fees may apply). You can also view any Direct Debits that are set up on your account using Santander Connect.