Before you log on

Before logging on please check that:

Getting started | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

Your web browser is up to date.

Getting started | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

Your computer meets the minimum technical specifications.

Getting started | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

You have read our guidance on protecting your business from online fraud.

Getting started | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

You have your online banking credentials.

Getting started | Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

You have downloaded the Santander Connect UK mobile app.

Logging on to Santander Connect?

To log on to Santander Connect You’ll need:

  1. Your Online Banking Company ID.

  2. Your Online Banking user ID.

  3. Your Online Banking password (this is to use the mobile app).

  4. To have downloaded the Santander Connect UK mobile app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. You'll also need your Online Banking password and to register for the app.

Your online banking credentials

First User

If you're the first user registered for Santander Connect you’ll receive two letters. One containing your Company ID and User ID. The other containing your password. You’ll need your password to register for the mobile app.


Additional Users

Your administrator will create any subsequent users. Passwords to log on will be sent by email. Your password is personal to you and you should never share it with anyone. You’ll need it to register for the mobile app.

How to stay safe when transacting online

How to log on

Before you log on for the first time, you'll need to download and register for the Santander Connect mobile app. To register for the Santander Connect mobile app you'll need your password and mobile phone number.

You'll have provided us with your mobile phone number when registering for Santander Connect. We'll use this number to check it's you when you register for the mobile app. Please contact us on  if you have any questions or issues related to your mobile phone number.

Once you have set up the mobile app you can log on at Please follow the on-screen prompts to log on using the mobile app.


For more information on the mobile app, please see our mobile app support page

Alternative ways to log on

If you can’t use the mobile app to log on call us on 0333 207 2317 to order a security device. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 5.30pm.

A security device can be used as an alternative to the mobile app. A user can’t be set up for the mobile app and a security device at the same time.

Find out more about security devices

Viewing your accounts

Once you’ve logged in, we suggest you check you can see all of your accounts online.

To do this, click on the ‘Account Information’ tab.

You can see:

  • Current accounts.

  • Deposit accounts.

  • Fixed rate deposit accounts.

  • Currency accounts.

Checking your company details

Once you’ve logged in and checked your accounts are visible check your company details.

It’s important to keep your company details up to date as we contact you about changes to your products and services.

  • To view your company details: Go to the ‘Administration’ tab.

  • To edit your company details: Select ‘Go to customer details’.

From the administration page you can also create and amend your payment limits and payment preferences.

Payment preferences

You can customise payment preferences and limits to your company's needs. These also protect you against fraudulent online transactions. Your administrator can customise these from the 'Administration' menu.

Creating additional users and user roles

To run your business smoothly, you may need to create additional users. There’s no limit to the amount of additional users you can create, but user fees may apply.

Creating your beneficiaries

You can find your saved payees in the ‘Manage beneficiary’ screens within the ‘Payments’ tab. This will save you time when making payments. It will protect you against fraudulent payments.

Your beneficiaries will have been transferred into Santander Connect if you have used the full switching service. If you've switched to us using the account switcher service contact your Relationship Director for more information.

Setting your preferences

Below are a few of the tools available to personalise the experience for each user. These allow you to save time when navigating, searching for accounts or making payments.

You can find these in the ‘Preferences’ tab, change at any time.

Comparison of online banking services

Santander Corporate and Commercial bank offers two online banking services. Connect and Connect Plus.

Changing your Connect services

You can change Santander Connect services at any time. To do this please read our product support here and call our Connect helpdesk on 0333 207 2317.

Santander Connect Plus resources