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Transvac drive towards net zero



Established in 1973, Transvac specialise in the design and manufacture of ejector technology that helps recover gas emissions, helping businesses achieve their net zero carbon commitments. Their products enable carbon capture and improve productivity and efficiency.

After working together with Transvac since 2015, Santander have continued their support by increasing their lending facilities, enabling them to deliver demand for these products. It will also allow them the freedom to accelerate their business objective of driving the net zero sustainability agenda.

Transvac’s field-proven ejector technology is helping the oil and gas industry eliminate their gas emissions into the atmosphere. Transvac has secured new facilities with the close support of Santander. We’re now in a strong position to capitalise on many global opportunities and to play our part in reducing the impact of climate change.

David Ainge Managing Director, Transvac

This is a great example of how Santander is helping support the sustainability aims and objectives of its clients.

The facilities provided by Santander and supported by UK Export Finance (UKEF) will help deliver significant export sales growth. It will also facilitate the progression of carbon capture initiatives within the oil and gas industry and beyond.

Martin Brummitt Relationship Director, Santander