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Santander Connect registration

Registering for Online banking.

To use Online banking, you must:


Santander Connect registration

be an existing account holder with Santander Corporate and Commercial bank

Santander Connect registration

be an authorised account signatory for the business that you are applying on behalf

Santander Connect registration

read and agree to the terms and conditions

Santander Connect registration

download the Connect Registration Form and submit to Client Services.


For help with registering for Connect or Connect Plus, please email our help centre:


Please contact your local Santander team to find out more about our banking services.

Online Banking service options

The table below illustrates the differences between Santander Connect and Connect Plus to ensure you use the service that more closely aligns with your business needs. It is possible to change service at a later date if your business needs change.

Online Banking Feature Connect Connect Plus Description difference
Number of Accounts that can be used

Up to 3

No limit

Up to three accounts may be used on Connect Standard. If you have more than three accounts this does not exclude you from using Connect Standard and you can choose which three accounts are available online.

User Roles & Permissions

3 Master Roles

Over 15 Master Roles & custom Roles Feature

Up to three User Roles are available in Connect Standard and all users will be able to use a combination of these. The Master Roles available in Connect Standard include the following:

1. Administrator Lite - contains all the administration services available

2. Account Operator - this contains all the account reporting services available

3. Payment Key and Authorisation - this contains all the payment services. Connect Plus does allow clearer segregation of payment permissions between the users.

Payment Import



The payment file import service allows you to import a payment file in either of the supported formats directly from your accounting or enterprise software.

Bacs Payments



The integrated Bacs payment service allows you to input, import, edit or cancel Bacs payments within the Manage Bulk Payments facility.

Advanced Data Export



Includes all functionality under the Data Export and File Repository menu:

1. Standard and Customised data export service

2. Online Data Export Scheduler

3. File Transfer Service arrangements

Online Banking Fees

The table below illustrates the pricing differences between Santander Connect and Connect Plus to ensure you use the service that more closely aligns with your business needs. Please ensure you have read all information in this section to ensure you fully understand how the fees are applied.

Fee Tariff Santander Connect (per month) Santander Connect Plus (per month)
Online Service fee 1 to 5 accounts (Tariff A) Not applicable £25.00
6 to 14 accounts (Tariff B £50.00
15 to 49 accounts (Tariff C) £100.00
50 to 99 accounts (Tariff D) £200.00
100+ accounts (Tariff E) Please speak with your Santander Relationship Director
Online Service fee Price per user No fee for first 3 users, then £5.00 per additional user £2.50

Pricing Examples

To help you calculate the appropriate monthly fee for your needs, please see the representative examples below:

1. Santander Connect Online Banking profile with 3 accounts and 3 users. Total monthly fee £0.00 (no Online Service Fee and no user fee for up to 3 users).

2. Santander Connect Plus Online Banking profile with 3 accounts and 3 users. Total monthly fee £32.50 (Online Service Fee is £25.00 and 3 users at £2.50 each).

Online Service Fee

It is important to note that this fee is variable and depends upon the number of accounts registered in your service during a given period. Adding or removing accounts will increase or reduce your tariff accordingly, and any changes will be applied automatically.

Online User Fee

We recommend all our customers closely manage and maintain the number of users that they have registered in the service. User Fees remain payable for every registered user even when the user’s access is locked or suspended. Users need to be deleted fully from your service to prevent user fees being incurred.

All online banking fees are calculated at the end of each calendar month and automatically applied the following month to you company's main current account. You can change this account at any time by phoning our dedicated Help Desk.