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Plastecowood make smart moves towards their sustainable goals



Founded in 2014, Plastecowood recycles waste plastic to create durable and ecological outdoor products. They create products such as picnic tables, benches, planters and fencing. Their mission is to save plastic waste packaging that is otherwise destined for landfill or incineration transforming it into durable and practical Smartawood™ products.

Plastecowood recently won the Santander X Global Environmental Challenge award. They competed in the ‘Be Mindful’ category, which sought solutions that promote green finance and investment.

In dealing with global banks, Santander stand out amongst their peers.  They sought to really understand our business, not only spending significant time with us, but also providing considerable non-financial support. Santander delivered what they promised and continue to exceed our expectations.

Henning von Spreckelsen Technical Director, Plastecowood

After being a long term connection of Santander, Plastecowood has been supported with funding to assist with the purchase of a second manufacturing line. This will allow them to increase their production of carbon-negative products by 7,000 tonnes a year.

Santander is proud to support Plastecowood with their significant expansion and take the next steps in their sustainable mission.

Plastecowood is not only removing difficult to recycle plastic from the UK’s waste stream but is also putting it to great use in the manufacture of a carbon-negative alternative to timber, steel and concrete products. We’re thrilled to become Plastecowood’s banking partner and provide funding that will significantly increase its manufacturing output. Santander is proud to support companies like Plastecowood that are creating innovative and environmentally sustainable products.

Edric De Sousa Soares Relationship Director, Santander