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United Arab Emirates - a guide to doing business

27th May 2021 2 min read

This report shows what businesses need to know about doing business in UAE and the opportunities the market presents.


British Centres for Business (BCB) are headquartered in Dubai where they were established in 2013 through a joint British Dubai Government programme to boost trade and investment between the UK and UAE.

From Dubai they cover the Middle East market and have an extensive network throughout the region, supplemented by partners in markets such as North Africa and India. The BCB works with companies, specifically in relation to export development, growing business in new markets and expanding corporate footprints in Middle East and North Africa.

They bring their local expertise, networks and flexible resources to help businesses grow. BCB help identify opportunities and support export growth in the region by providing a full range of services, starting from research and market assessment, market-entry and growth strategy development, through to B2B lead generation and full in-market representation. This report was written by British Centres for Business, a key strategic partner to Santander UK Corporate & Commercial - Information is correct as of Jan 2021.