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Santander Connect: a new way to bank online

1st May 2020 4 min read

Santander Connect: a new way to bank online


Santander Connect is an online banking service that offers commercial and corporate customers secure online access to all accounts via two service-level options: Santander Connect and Santander Connect Plus*

At Santander, we pride ourselves on being a personable bank, listening to our customers and acting on the feedback we receive. As part of our commitment to provide the right products and services to our customers, we made a significant investment in our technology and introduced a new online banking service. Santander Connect went live last year and offers a range of features to help customers better manage their businesses’ finances online.

Flexibility: Santander Connect offers complete access to all your company accounts. Customers have a real-time overview of current, deposit and foreign currency account balances and transactions. You can also control and authorise payments, set banking limits, and apply user roles for your staff.

Mobile banking: Santander Connect is mobile friendly so you can check balances and enable payments while on the move. Now customers can truly mobilise their business banking to keep on top of account activity.

Payment facilities: Santander Connect simplifies business payments by giving you greater control over your finances. You can instruct same-day or future payments using a number of domestic and foreign payment services. And Santander’s global banking network makes it easy to enable payments in many different currencies.

Security: This is our priority and Santander Connect includes the latest proven security solutions for our customers’ peace of mind.

Support: Once set up, your Santander Connect account can be customised to suit your specific business banking needs. We believe in giving our business customers flexibility and autonomy over their finances, but if you do need help or advice, our dedicated online banking Help Desk Team is always on hand to answer your queries.

Connecting customers

Over the past year we have moved all our corporate and commercial customers to Santander Connect. As technology continues to evolve, we will continue to innovate our service throughout the immediate and foreseeable future.

All our commercial and corporate customers can become part of Santander Connect. To register or to find out more about the service – or our other business banking products – contact your local Relationship Director or visit

* There are different types of fees that are associated with using the Santander Connect services. Please contact your local Relationship Director for full details.