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Mobile to mobile payments: Paym

Receive payments quickly and securely using just your mobile number

Paym is a mobile to mobile payment service available to you if you use Online Business Banking. All you need to do is register your mobile number and nominate your business current account to receive money, then payments can be made to you using your mobile phone number.

With no need for account numbers or sort codes, Paym allows you to receive quick and easy customer payments. You can download the Paym logo here, so your customers will know that you accept these payments.

Payments are free and safe

Using Paym means that customers can pay you using just your mobile phone number. Anyone can pay you, as long as they are registered for Paym with their bank or building society. What’s more Paym is free to use.

You need to have Santander Online Business Banking so that you can register your number to receive payments.

Because Paym was developed with the major banks and building societies it’s a safe and secure way of paying. None of your bank account details are shared. You can find out more about Paym here.

For more details on getting up and running with Paym take a look at the ‘Get started’ tab.

If in the future you no longer wish to receive payments through Paym, want to de-register your account or change the mobile number you use with Paym, please call Online Banking support on 0800 731 6666.

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You're safe because

  • You don't need to share your bank details: customers who pay you through Paym only need your mobile phone number.

  • We send you a One Time Passcode: when you register for Paym or ask to change the way you use it, we'll double check it’s you by sending a One Time Passcode to your mobile.

  • You’re covered by our Online and Mobile Banking Commitment: as long as you take precautions (like keeping your Online and Mobile Banking log on details private).

If you change your mobile phone number
You'll need to call us on 0800 731 6666 to let us know, and re-register to receive payments through Paym using your new number.

Lines are open 8am to 9pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday.

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Visit our security centre to find out how to keep your details safe.

To get started with Paym, you need to register your mobile number in Online Business Banking.

To receive money

  • Log on to Online Business Banking to register your mobile number and nominate your Santander account for Paym

  • Select 'Mobile Payments' from the left hand menu and follow the instructions

  • For security reasons, we'll send a One Time Passcode to your phone to complete your sign up

Now customers can send payments to you using just your mobile number. You’ll receive a confirmation text when someone has paid you. You don’t need to have Mobile Business Banking to receive payments to your phone with Paym. However, if you do set up Mobile Business Banking you’ll be able to check your balances quickly and carry out transactions on the go.

If you already have a number registered for Paym on a different account (for example, a personal account) you’ll need to use a different number.

Paym is free to use. Remember, the customer sending you money must be registered to send payments through Paym with their own bank or building society. 

Not using Online Business Banking?
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Not using Mobile Business Banking?
Find out more about Mobile Banking 

Register for Online Banking. Call 0800 731 6666

Frequently asked questions

  • Paym would like to notify you that someone has tried to pay you using Paym. On this occasion, you won't be receiving the payment that triggered the message, but if you register for the service, you'll receive any future payments.


    Be aware that Paym only sends the following standard message:
    "Someone has tried to send you money via Paym, the UK's mobile payment service. To learn more about Paym, contact your bank or building society. Opt-out? Reply STOP"


    Paym will never ask you to send any personal, account or security information by text message. They will also never send any messages that contain a direct link to a website or to our logon pages. If you're concerned about a message, please contact us immediately

  • If you no longer wish to receive payments through Paym or want to de-register your mobile phone number, please call Online Banking support on 0800 731 6666.


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  • Security is the top priority for Paym and strict measures are in place to make sure that the service is secure. 


    Paym has set the highest standards around password activation and mobile number verification and all participating banks and building societies are required to sign up to a security code of conduct for the service.


    Paym uses the tried and tested Faster Payments process and will use the same strict security levels applied to current accounts today.


    Paym benefits from the same strong legal protection that already applies to other types of payments. Further information can be found on the Payments UK website.

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