To change your account details you’ll need to complete and return either the Change of mandate details form (pdf) (75 KB) or the Change of business details form (pdf) (48 KB). Once complete please return the form to:

Santander Business Banking
Bridle Road
L30 4GB

If you need help please call the Business Banking contact centre on 0800 731 6666.

For client accounts:

If your client’s funds are held in an undesignated account along with other client’s funds, you don’t need to change any details.

If your client’s funds are held in a designated account and it is no longer required, you should close the existing account.  If a designated account is required for another client’s funds, you should open a new designated account.  You should contact your local branch if you need to apply for a new account.

Treasurer’s accounts:

If you opened your treasurer's account on or after November 28, 2014 you will need to complete and return the change of details form for treasurer's accounts (pdf) (110 KB). This form will require the signatures of two members of the board/committee.

If you opened a different club and society account before November 28, 2014 you'll need to complete the change of details form for clubs and societies (pdf) (111 KB) to change your account details.

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