Growing your business with ActionCOACH

Find a business coach to help you achieve your goals.

With more than 250 business coaches in the UK and over 1,000 worldwide, ActionCOACH helps thousands of business owners every week.

By working with ActionCOACH: 

  • you’ll gain clarity and focus on what’s important
  • you’ll be very clear on your goals and be driven in the right direction
  • you’ll be held accountable to your commitments
  • your leadership skills and abilities will develop
  • you’ll be stretched to outline a clear roadmap for your business.


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Santander isn’t responsible for the ActionCOACH website or content. We can’t guarantee the outcome of any coaching you do. Clicking ‘Request a session’ will take you to ActionCOACH’s online enquiry form. By filling in and sending the form, you agree to be contacted by ActionCOACH directly.

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How does ActionCOACH work?

ActionCOACH has a whole host of business coaching programs to support businesses of all sizes. You can submit a general enquiry on their website and a member of ActionCOACH’s team will get in touch to talk about your specific needs. Here’s what one business owner had to say about their experience of working with ActionCOACH

Are their services free?

They do charge for their services (other than the free coaching session and any programmes delivered with Santander). Costs are dependent on which ActionCOACH programme you decide to join. ActionCOACH also offers a money-back guarantee, so if the investment you make in coaching doesn’t result in an equal or greater increase in turnover, they’ll refund the cost of the programme. Please see ActionCOACH’s 6-month guarantee for more details. 

Why are we working with ActionCOACH?

Working with ActionCOACH supports our goal of helping UK businesses. We don’t receive a financial reward for working with ActionCOACH.

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