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Bionic - business costs comparison

Get a better deal on business energy, broadband and phone with Bionic.

Santander has teamed up with the tech-enabled experts at Bionic to help you cut the cost of running your business.

What is Bionic?

Bionic is a one-stop shop for business energy, phone, broadband, and more. The team at Bionic use cutting-edge technology and human expertise to compare deals from a panel of trusted UK suppliers. They’ll then talk you through the results and answer any questions. You choose the best deal, and they’ll handle the rest.

Bionic has been saving businesses time and hassle when comparing and switching these essential services for more than a decade. Santander has teamed up with Bionic to help make running your business that little bit simpler.

You don't have to pay for your Bionic comparison. Bionic is an independent company that specialises in business comparison services. They're not part of the Santander group. If you decide to have a Bionic comparison and take a policy out with them, Santander will receive payment from Bionic.

Business energy

Energy can put a big dent in your budget, especially if you're on expensive gas and electricity rates. But switching business energy isn’t quite as simple as switching household energy. That’s why the experts at Bionic are on hand to take the time and hassle out of comparing quotes.

Business connectivity

Reliable ultrafast broadband and 5G business mobile connectivity is important for all types of business. Understanding and comparing the different services can be confusing and take time. The connectivity experts at Bionic cut out the jargon to compare the different bundles, packages and deals on offer, and help you find the perfect solution for your business.

High energy bills can put a real strain on your business. 

The simplest way to avoid rising prices is to compare quotes and fix your rates. But finding the best rates from each supplier can take time. Time that could be better spent running your business. So why not let the business energy experts at Bionic do the hard work for you?
Bionic can start comparing quotes from a range of UK energy suppliers with just your postcode.

  • Once your quotes are in, an expert at Bionic will talk you through your options.
  • You then decide which quote you prefer, and they handle the rest

Bionic has a close relationship with its panel of suppliers. This means they can also get exclusive rates.

Thinking of staying with your current supplier? 

You may think it will be easier to just accept your current supplier’s renewal offer, but many suppliers will save their best rates to attract new customers. This could see you paying more than you need to.
Bionic might be able to negotiate better rates with your current supplier. So, it’s worth giving Bionic a call to see what they can do.

Meeting your business needs

Whether you’re looking to switch to a new supplier or arrange a more competitive contract with your existing one, Bionic will use smart technology and human expertise to negotiate the best deal for your business.

And they can even take care of your renewals. That’s one less thing for busy business owners to worry about.

Compare energy with Bionic

Clear communication is key for all businesses.

Whether you run a busy office or a café, you’ll need a cost-effective and reliable connectivity package to keep things running. 

Comparing phone and broadband deals can be tricky. Many suppliers talk about speeds and prices, but how do you figure out what speed you really need? And what will happen to your landline when the analogue phone system is switched off in 2025?

Comparing deals made simple

That’s where the tech-enabled experts at Bionic can help. Bionic will compare what broadband and phone deals are on offer from a panel of trusted suppliers and talk you through your options. This can help you get the right broadband package and make sure you’re not overpaying for speeds you don’t need.

Is it time for a change?

If you haven’t switched your business broadband and business phoneline contracts in a while, your current systems could be out of date. This means you’re probably paying over the odds for your phone calls and your broadband speeds won’t be giving you bang for your buck. 
If you're getting by with a domestic broadband deal you may be:

  • Missing out on priority customer support
  • Enhanced security
  • More reliable download speeds and better upload speeds. 

Still have an analogue phone system?

If you’re worried about the analogue phone line being switched off in 2025, they can also point you in the right direction. When the current copper wire phone system is switched off, all landline calls will need to be made using an internet connection. This is called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The tech-enabled experts at Bionic can tell you how it works so you can make an informed decision on future-proofing your business.

Compare connectivity with Bionic

Bionic uses data, smart tech, and human expertise to cut the time it takes to run a comparison. There are less forms to fill in and their experts will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Bionic can help you find a better deal on energy and connectivity in three simple steps.

  • Give Bionic your postcode – Start a business energy or connectivity comparison with postcode, name and number. Bionic uses secure smart data to find the details they need.
  • Bionic compares rates – Once Bionic know more about what your business needs, they’ll compare quotes from a panel of trusted UK suppliers 
  • Bionic talks you through the quotes – One of Bionic experts will explain the quotes on screen and answer any questions. You choose the deal you like best, and they’ll handle the switch for you.

You can get started with an energy comparison or connectivity comparison with Bionic. You’ll just need to enter your  business name and postcode to get started:

Energy comparison with Bionic   Connectivity comparison with Bionic

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