Sources of finance

Other ways to get help with your lending

Sources of finances

If you’ve recently applied for an overdraft or a credit card and your application has been declined, you have the right to request a review within 30 days. For more information take a look at our Business Borrowing and Reviews pages and click on the 'Reviews'.

We understand these are uncertain times and the difficulties this is causing many of our customers. To support you through the current challenges, we want you to ensure you have access to all of the available information including details of the government support measures which have been launched to help businesses through the disruption caused by the coronavirus. 

Or perhaps you’d like to see how our business overdrafts, loans and business bank accounts compare against others in the market. In this case you can take a look at the government-designated platforms below to find out more. While we don’t endorse or recommend any particular source on the list, it may help you to get started on finding other ways to get the finance you need for your small-to-medium sized business. You can also view our general help and other support services below.

The Government has launched a range of support packages to help businesses through the disruption caused by the coronavirus


If we decline your application, you have the right to a review within 30 days. This means asking us to reconsider our decision. We may ask you to provide some more information to support your review, but we will always take it into consideration.
Our appeals process is overseen by a team of external independent auditors – find out more about their reports

How to get your application reviewed:

  • For business overdrafts and credit cards, you can talk to your Business Banking Manager and they’ll guide you through the process.
  • For business credit cards, you can request an independent review online

After your review
Once you submit your review, your original application will be reviewed independently by a different member of our Business Lending team. They’ll look again at the information you provided and review how the original decision was made. They may also ask for more information to support your review. We’ll always give you a decision as quickly as we can, though the full review process may take up to 30 days.

All lending is subject to status, availability and our lending criteria. The right to decline any application is reserved.  

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Swoop lets you compare finance providers based on how you like to use your account. 


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Alternative Business Funding provide an easy way for SMEs to find a vast array of funding choices.


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Funding Options

fundingoptions scan the market to find the options that best suit your needs.


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Funding Exchange

FUNDING XCHANGE lets you compare quotes for your business from over 30 finance providers.


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You have the right to request a referral within 30 days if Santander declines your application. For more information take a look at our Business Borrowing and Reviews pages and click on the ‘Referral’ tab.

Better Business Finance

Better Business Finance offers information on a wide variety of finance providers from across the UK, including business angels, regional funds and government schemes.


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Mentorsme is an easy-to-use search engine for businesses to find a suitable local mentor.


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This isn’t a complete list of alternative ways to find finance and you may find other options you want to consider. We’re not responsible for these websites or their content and availability. Please remember that we can’t guarantee the outcome of applications with any other finance providers.

Note: for independent debt advice, please contact the Business Debtline on 0800 197 6026, or for more information you can visit their website