Opening a Business Banking Current Account

We’re only supporting existing Santander customers who want to open new business accounts. If you’re new to Santander, you may want to browse our range of personal bank accounts

To see if you're eligible to open a Business Current Account, you need to answer 'yes' to the points below:

1. Be an existing Santander customer. 
2. Be a UK-registered business. 
3. Have proof of identity and proof of UK address. This is for everyone involved in opening the business account. 

 Please complete the below questions. This is to see if you can book a telephone appointment to speak to us. 

Please provide one document of personal ID from both lists 1 and 2 below. This is applicable for all entities. 

Please provide one document from list 3. (This is if the trading address is different from the personal residential address).

Proof of ID:

  • Passport – UK/Irish (unexpired and signed)
  • Passport – non-UK/non-Irish 
  • Unexpired UK photocard driving licence (the licence and photograph must be in date)
  • EEA or Switzerland identity card 
  • Electoral ID Card issued by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland
  • Unexpired Biometric Residence Permit
  • Unexpired old style driving licence (not  provisional) 
  • Notification of entitlement to UK Government 
  • or Local Authority pension or benefits. (If Universal Credit online statement is provided please include a letter of introduction from DWP case worker confirming this claim)

Proof of Address:

  • Unexpired UK photocard driving licence (the licence and photograph must be in date)
  • Unexpired UK old style driving licence (not provisional)
  • Annual council tax bill/demand letter
  • Notification of entitlement to UK Government or Local Authority pension or benefits.
  • Bank, building society, credit card or credit union statement
  • Mortgage statement from a recognised lender
  • Utility bills (not mobile phone)
  • Letter from Local Council/Authority confirming enrolment on the Voters Roll
  • HMRC correspondence including name, address and permanent NI number

Proof of Trading Address:

  • Business current account or Business credit card statement addressed to the business at the trading address (less than three months old)
  • Utility bill addressed to the business at the trading address (less than three months old)
  • Signed lease agreement addressed to the business at the trading address (must be within the date range covered within the lease agreement)
  • Registration documents from supervisory body confirming the trading address (e.g FCA, Solicitors Regulation Authority, etc.)
  • Unexpired trading licence issued by a local government authority (e.g. taxi licence, premises licence etc.)

We’ll also need additional information about your business in support of an application.

What we need to know about your business: 

  • Business name, start date and proof of your current trading address. 
  • Please also provide 3 years trading address history (if applicable). 
  • A detailed description of what your business does. 
  • Anticipated annual turnover for the next 12 months and number of employees. 
  • Details of your income from the business and any other income sources you may have. 
  • If you’re switching from another bank - the last statement including your sort code and account number. We also require annual accounts for established businesses. 
  • If you are VAT Registered, your VAT Number.



Good news, your business account appointment is in the diary

So, what do you need for it?

First off, we’ll ask you for these
•    Business name
•    Business description
•    Business start date
•    Number of employees

Then if you could have these with you
•    Anticipated turnover for the next 12 months
•    Details of income and expenditure
•    Passport or driving licence
•    Council tax bill, bank statement or utility bill

Oh, and have these to hand too
•    Proof of current trading address (e.g. utility bill)
•    3 years’ trading address history (or as long as the business has existed if less)

A utility bill is only acceptable proof of current trading address if it’s addressed to the business at the trading address, and less than three months old.

That’s it
Time to sit back and take a breather

Unless you fancy finding out more about services and support we offer
•    Accepting card payments
•    Business insurance
•    Comparison services
•    Business coaching 
•    HR services

Just let us know during your appointment

Look forward to speaking with you soon

Preparing for success.
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