Changes to laws or banking regulations can often affect your business current accounts and other banking services. We will always let you know about any changes to your account's terms and conditions, and we also update this page regularly to clearly communicate the details of any changes.

This page shows you the latest changes to our business current accounts.

Summary of changes to Terms and Conditions

The following changes apply from 9 December 2020. 

European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution service 
The European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution service won't be available after 31 December 2020. For information on making a complaint including details of the Financial Ombudsman Service please see our website. We will remove reference to this service from our terms and conditions from 9 December 2020.

Using your debit card or cash card abroad 
We will include reference in the appropriate key facts document to our new calculator that helps you understand the cost of using your card abroad when choosing to pay in local currency.

Trust accounts 
We're updating our terms and conditions to reflect that if your account is a Trust you (the trustees) are responsible for providing valid identification documentation in relation to any named beneficiary or any beneficiary that is to be paid from the account. You must also notify us that you intend to make a payment to that beneficiary.

How to get a copy of your updated Terms and Conditions 
The updated Terms and Conditions and Key Facts Documents effective from 9 December 2020 are available on our website and in our branches from 9 December 2020

What if I'm not happy with the changes to my Terms and Conditions 
Nothing is changing immediately, so you have time to decide if your account is still right for your business. If we don't hear from you before 9 December 2020 we'll assume that you're happy with the changes. However, if you don't accept the changes then you can close your account without any additional charge before 9 December 2020.

If you have any questions or there is anything you don't understand please speak to one of our Business Banking Managers or call us on 0800 731 6666

We are starting to move our debit card provider from Visa to MastercardTM

What does this mean for you?

When your current Visa debit card expires or you need a replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged card, you may receive a new debit Mastercard rather than a Visa debit card.

Next steps:

When you receive your new debit Mastercard, you can use it straight away. Once you begin using your new card, your old Visa debit card will no longer work. 

Your card number will change, so you'll need to:

  • Update your card details on the websites you regularly use and for any annual subscriptions or recurring transactions such as car insurance.
  • Set up your new card in your digital wallet if you use Apply Pay, Samsung Pay, Google PayTM, Fitbit Pay or Garmin PayTM (not applicable for top-up debit card).

If your Personal ID number for Mobile or Online Banking is your old Visa card number, this number will remain unchanged. You can always change this to a new number when you log on to Online Banking under My Details & Settings > Change Security Settings > Change Personal ID.

New features with your debit Mastercard

The following exciting new features will be available to use with your new debit Mastercard

Check your PIN:

Use the handy 'View PIN' feature in our Mobile Banking app to see your Mastercard PIN for a few moments if you've forgotten it.

Card freeze and card controls:

Mobile Banking will let you temporarily freeze your Mastercard if you think it's lost or stolen. Card controls will let you decide whether to restrict certain transactions such as contactless payments, online transactions, international transactions and gambling transactions.

If you'd like to learn more about card freeze and card controls, take a look at our short video

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