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You can switch your business current account to any Santander business current account from your current bank. You will receive a new account number, card and PIN.

We’re members of the Current Account Switch Service which is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee (pdf, 42 KB), and means that your switch will be completed in 7 days.

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We have a switcher offer on our 1|2|3 Business Current Account 

Switching: step-by-step

Starting your switch

You choose when your switch starts - this can be up to 60 days in the future.

Please provide us with your old account sort code, account number and debit card details.

Switch start date (Day 1)

On your chosen switch start date, we'll ask your old bank for a list of your payments (for example, standing orders and Direct Debits).

Please tell us if you would like to receive progress updates by text, email or letter.

Transfer (Days 2 to 6)

We'll set up the payments on your Santander account.
We'll tell the companies you pay by Direct Debit to collect future payments from your new account and also anyone paying money into your account to send payments to your new account from now on.

Completion (Day 7)

Your switch is complete.

If you have a positive balance, it will be transferred to your Santander account. If you have an overdrawn balance, you'll need to clear it with your old bank.

Your old bank or building society account will be closed.

From the day your switch completes, we'll automatically redirect any payments from your old account to your Santander account. We'll do this for a period of three years or longer, in accordance with the Current Account Switch Agreement.

Following your switch

If this is a new current account, you'll have received by now your cards and PINs, as well as your Online and Telephone Banking registration details, if you've requested them.

Any payments switched from your old account will start coming out of your Santander account, so you should make sure you have enough money in your new account to cover them.

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