Closing a business account

If your business account isn’t right for you another Santander account could be. Compare our current and savings accounts. Do we have something more suitable?

To close your business current or savings account, you’ll need to complete and return the account closure form (326 KB). If you’re the only signatory on the account, you can close it over the phone.  You won’t need to complete the form. Call us on 0330 123 9860, Monday to Friday between 8am-8pm and 8am-2pm on Saturday. 

Balances over £5000

If the  account balance is over £5,000 and you have more than one signatory on your account, you'll need to complete the closure form (326 KB) and provide identification (143 KB). If your account instructions need more than one signature to operate, we can still close the account. For us to close it, you’ll need to provide us with identification for each signatory.

Want to switch your business current account?

Once you’ve visited the compare our current accounts and savings accounts page and found an account you'd like to switch to, just click on the account and choose ‘Transfer your existing Santander account.’

If you want to switch your business account to another bank, you can use the switching service. Look at the switching your current account page for more details.

If your account is dormant

If the account you're trying to close is dormant, please visit our Dormant accounts page for what to do next.

Next steps

We'll close your account within 5 days of receiving the forms. You’ll get a letter confirming the account is closed. If we haven’t got the right information, it may take longer. Please post the completed form(s) to:

Santander Business Banking Operations
SR43 4FW

You can also fax it to us on 0844 800 9988

Useful information

  • You won’t be able to close an account if it’s overdrawn or has any pending transactions on it.
  • If you close a 123 Business Current Account before your annual cashback is paid, no cashback will be paid to the account. 
  • If you have a balance on the account, we’ll transfer it to your chosen account or send a cheque in the business name.
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