Marketing help with Talent Cupboard

Ideas to help brand your business

Marketing help with Talent Cupboard

Helping your business source digital marketing from the next generation of talent

Talent Cupboard provides digital marketing services to ambitious businesses. From pay monthly website packages through to bespoke builds and branding - their talented digital natives can help. Simply get in touch and they’ll provide a free consultation on which products are suited to help your business grow.

Branding: stand out from the crowd with a professional brand. Easily source your logo, business cards and letterhead design all in one go.

Website: get more customers and online exposure with a professionally designed website, all on a pay monthly basis. Talent Cupboard do everything from design to making sure your mobile-ready and search engine friendly website stays online.

Social media: let Talent Cupboard set up branded social media profiles for you to help raise awareness of your business. You can then meet potential new customers and drive free traffic to your website.
Santander is not responsible for Talent Cupboard's website or content. Please remember we can’t guarantee the outcome of any brief submitted. When you click on ‘Find out more’ you’ll be taken to Talent Cupboard’s website.

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How does Talent Cupboard work?

Visit the Talent Cupboard website.

Write a short brief - don’t worry, Talent Cupboard have made it easy - detailing your deadline, budget and what you need doing. They’ll then make sure you get the marketing services you need to help you grow. 

Who do I speak to if I have a query or complaint about Talent Cupboard?

Call the Talent Cupboard team on 0208 334 2879 or send them a message via their website

Why is Santander promoting Talent Cupboard?

Working with Talent Cupboard supports our goal of helping UK businesses prosper and it allows young people to develop the skills they need to secure full time jobs. Santander does not receive a financial reward for promoting Talent Cupboard's services.