What you can get

  • Flexible way to finance the purchase of equipment
  • Low fixed monthly payments
  • Fully maintained solutions
  • Preferential rates

Eligibility for equipment finance

  • Be a Santander Business Banking customer
  • Have no adverse credit history
  • Have been trading for at least two years
  • All applications are subject to status and lending criteria

Our equipment financing partner, Macquarie, offers both rental and hire purchase

Rental Program - for assets worth £5,000 or more:

  • A cost-effective way to acquire cutting-edge equipment over a 24-60 month term.
  • Flexibility and choice. You can structure your payments in a way that suits you. You can choose a fully serviced contract, amend or upgrade your contract and include setup or training costs too.
  • No depreciation costs. You don't own the asset, so avoid suffering from the asset’s loss of value. However, if you purchase the asset using cash or an unsecured business loan you will always own the asset.

What can I finance?

You can finance almost any business asset, including:

  • IT hardware or software
  • Plant machinery
  • Scaffolding and related equipment
  • Kitchen equipment

Hire Purchase - for assets worth £25,000+ or £5,000+ for limited companies only:

  • Option to buy at the end of the term.
  • Fixed payments for the duration of the term.

You may be able to claim tax relief on rental or hire purchase, as monthly payments can be offset against profits. VAT can also be recovered. For specific financial, tax and or accounting benefits, please check with your accountant, or directly with Macquarie.


  • Equipment must be sourced from UK suppliers.
  • Equipment must be for business use only.


To apply for equipment finance through Macquarie, or to find out more, you can speak to a Business Relationship Manager at your local Santander branch

At the end of your contract

You won't own the asset at the end of the lease period and Macquarie will discuss the options with you at the end of the lease. For example, you may choose to negotiate an extension period (1-2 years) to keep the asset for longer, or you may want to return the asset back to Macquarie in return for a newer asset. If you choose Hire Purchase, you do have the option to purchase the asset for £100 at the end of the funding period.

Macquarie Equipment Finance (UK) Ltd. Registered offices 28 Ropemaker Street, London EC2Y 9HD. Company number 8253764.

Do Macquarie only finance new assets?

No, Macquarie can finance second-hand assets as well as new ones, providing they’re from an established provider. They can’t refinance an existing asset.

How long does asset financing take?

From 48 hours to a few weeks, depending on:

  • The extras (servicing, training costs etc.) needed.
  • The type of asset.
  • How long it takes to deliver the equipment.

What are the benefits of an asset finance leasing option vs. a purchase loan option?

Lower fixed monthly payments: the provider owns the asset, which keeps customer costs down and helps keep control of spending.
No upfront payments: with leasing solutions, customers don’t normally own the asset and can avoid depreciation costs, saving time and resources.
Greater flexibility and choice: customers can choose a fully service solution, amend/upgrade contract and include  setup or training costs too.