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Gambling can be an enjoyable leisure activity when done in moderation and it comes in lots of different forms. This could be placing a bet, playing in an online casino, or purchasing a lottery ticket. However, for some gambling can get out of control and cause harm. This is when it starts to have a negative impact on your finances, relationships, health or work.

If you feel your gambling or someone else’s gambling may be causing you harm, there is help available. 

Signs your gambling may be causing harm to you, or someone close to you:

  •  You’re struggling to pay for the basics – such as rent or your mortgage, bills, food and other essential costs, as you’ve spent your money on gambling.
  •  Your business finances are being impacted by gambling.
  •  Your debt has increased due to your gambling spend.
  •  You feel stressed or worried about the impact gambling is having on your business or personal finances, relationships or health.
  •  You may be spending significant time on gambling or hiding your gambling from others.
  •  You start to withdraw from other people or activities.

If you are worried about how gambling is impacting you, there are steps you can take to help yourself:

  •  Pay your important bills as soon as possible, so you’re less likely to gamble that money.
  •  Think about planning other things to do at times when you might be tempted to gamble (such as sporting activities or seeing friends who don’t gamble, for example).
  •  Don’t bottle up your concerns: Talk to someone, whether it’s a friend, a family member, a colleague or a professional.
  •  If you have a Santander Mastercard, you can call us to block gambling transactions. This will block most gambling payments you make with your card. There’s a time delay on our gambling block which means that gambling transactions will still be blocked for 48 hours after you request to remove the gambling block. The decision to gamble can sometimes be an impulsive one, so the time delay will give you a little more time to reflect.
  • If you have a debit or cash card, we can reduce your daily cash withdrawal limit at the cash machine from the standard £300 to £0 or £60. This may help you to reduce access to cash where your circumstances may need it. To arrange this, please call us.

What other help is out there?

Gambling and debt
Gambling can have a negative impact on your finances. Some people may find that their gambling causes an increase in their debts. Gambling should not be seen as a way to make money or pay off your debts. If you’re worried about the impact gambling is having on your finances, look at our if business finances are a struggle page for help and support, as well as guidance on what steps you can take to manage your finances.

Independent organisations
GamCare operate the National Gambling Helpline, providing confidential information, advice and support for anyone worried about gambling (whether you gamble yourself or are affected by someone else’s gambling) across England, Scotland and Wales. Call freephone 0808 8020 133 or use web chat at, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Advisers can provide information about, or refer you to, other important support services (such as debt and financial advice services), and your conversation is completely confidential. GamCare are part of the National Gambling Treatment Service and can link you with other gambling support as needed.

GamCare have a partnership with Gamban and GAMSTOP to provide a combination of practical tools and support. Callers to the National Gambling Helpline will be offered Gamban blocking software which can block access to online gambling sites. Callers will also be signposted to register for GAMSTOP - the national online self-exclusion scheme preventing people from access gambling accounts from all licensed gambling sites in UK. For further information, visit TALKBANSTOP

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