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Face to face banking

At your local Santander branch and Post Office®

For when you need to pay in cash or cheques, withdraw money or get an up-to-date balance, depending on your account, you can use any Santander branch and Post Office as well as Santander cash machines.

With 11,500 Post Office branches nationwide, you have a convenient place to:

  • deposit cash and cheques

  • withdraw money

  • find out your balance

Notes should be presented in bundles, neatly stacked, by denomination.

Coins, for denominations of 50p and below, will only be accepted in full coin sachets, as below. 

Denomination Sachet Value
50p £10
20p £10
10p £5
5p £5
2p £1
1p £1

£1 and £2 coins must also be deposited in sachets (and in full sachets of £20 wherever possible), but post office branches will continue to accept £1 and £2 coins which don’t make up a full sachet.

You must not mix denominations in any sachet.

You may obtain supplies of coin sachets from Initial Packaging on 0330 123 0720.

You may use your debit card or cash deposit card to deposit cash at the Post Office. Your card may be swiped or you may be asked to insert it into a card reader. The cash is instantly deposited in your account and recorded on our system, and you’ll be given a receipt.

From 26 August 2018 you must use a new-design Post Office cheque deposit envelope to deposit cheques into your account. You’ll need to use a separate paying-in slip and envelope for each batch of 10 cheques.

Find your nearest Post Office and see opening hours
Services, levels of deposit & withdrawal and opening hours for individual Post Office branches within the Post Office Network may vary and Isle of Man and British Forces branches can’t be used by Santander business customers. You should discuss with your local Post Office branch to ensure that it is able to service your needs.

You can use our cash machines for many of your day-to-day transactions, including:

  • withdrawing cash up to £500

  • paying money in at selected machines

  • checking your balance.

To see the full range of services available, choose 'Other Services' next time you use a Santander cash machine.

If you are a 1|2|3 Business Current Account (including Start-up and Switcher offers) holder, you can bank at any Santander branch.

Transactions you can carry out include:

  • depositing cash and cheques
  • withdrawing money
  • checking your balance
  • making internal and external transfers
  • managing mandates including standing orders and bill payments.

For transactions that you can’t carry out in our branches (such as CHAPS and International Payments, bankers drafts, cheque withdrawals and foreign currency cheques) call the business banking team on 0800 731 666

Limits apply to certain transactions, please see a guide below but check with your local branch to make sure that it’s able to service your needs.

Transaction type

Limits and notice



Full coin sachets only (subject to branch availability)
Up to £100 per day

48 hours notice required


Full coin sachets only (subject to branch availability)
Up to £250 per day
48 hours notice requried



£20k per day


Over £5k - 48 hours notice
£10k per day limit

Important information

You can carry out these transactions if you have a Santander business debit card. Additional identification may be required depending on your request.

Account operators can deposit funds and request a balance only and will be required to provide identification in addition to their operator card.


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