Money management skills

Managing money in your business can be time consuming and complicated. We want to give you more time to spend doing the things you love, so have created some resources to help you get your head around the figures.

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Financial jargon explained

Navigating the world of finance can be one of the most challenging parts of starting and running a business. By getting to grips with the jargon you’ll be better placed to ask the right questions and make the right financial decisions. Have a look at our jargon buster for an explanation of the language we use.

Financial jargon toolkit

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Getting your finances right from the start

Love them or hate them, numbers are a part of business. And if you can plan ahead and put a strong financial foundation in place, you’ll be putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed. Take a look at our top tips on everything from budgeting to pricing.

Getting your finances right toolkit

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How a business account can help you achieve your ambitions

It’s estimated that as many as 75% of the UK’s self-employed workforce use personal bank accounts for all their business transactions. Perhaps you’re one of them? Has your side-hustle grown into a full-time business, or has your business grown? Finding the right business bank account will help you manage your business more efficiently, and help you manage your business finances.

Tell me about business banking

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