From 31 May 2022, we’re changing some of our telephone numbers from freephone to basic rate numbers (where charges may apply). For details of the numbers which are changing, please read the summary of credit card changes (42 KB)

For some key services, we're keeping freephone numbers. This includes numbers to report your card lost or stolen, report fraud, contact our financial support and complaints teams as well as SignVideo.

Please go to our T&C and important information page if you require further details of all our Business Banking telephone numbers.

We're making some other changes to our terms and conditions so they accurately reflect our processes and also taking the opportunity to make some of our terms and conditions clearer without changing their meaning. These changes will also apply from 31 May 2022.

For full details of these changes, please read the summary of credit card changes (42 KB)

We’ve made some changes to your Data Protection Statement to include more information about how we use automated decision making to make decisions about you. We’ve also made changes to tell you how we share and sell anonymised data in the Santander group of companies and outside it, for statistical analysis, research and other business purposes. This data can’t be used to identify you. 

These changes apply to all personal data we hold for you in relation to any product or account you have with us. There are no changes to how you use your account.

We may have already contacted you to tell you about these changes. They won’t come into effect until you receive that notification. 

For more details on how we use your information, please read the full statement (48 KB)

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