What you can get

  • 1% cashback on all business spend 
  • Additional cards available at no extra cost to your £30 annual account fee
  • No foreign transaction fees on purchases abroad when paying in the local currency
  • Monthly spend limits, an optional service to control the amount each cardholder can spend
  • Up to 56 days interest-free credit on purchases when you pay your balance in full and on time each month
  • Flexible and simple options on how to pay your statement by Direct Debit, online or by post
  • Monthly paper statements listing each cardholder's transactions


  • All directors, owners (shareholders) or partners are UK residents of your UK-registered business are aged 18 or over

  • You are either a sole trader or your business is a partnership, limited liability partnership, private limited company with up to two directors, owners (shareholders) or partners

  • You haven't been a disqualified director or a director of a failed business within the last 6 years

  • You have a good credit history and haven’t been declared bankrupt or had an Individual Voluntary Arrangement in the last 6 years (either the company, directors, owners or partners)
  • We will conduct a credit check as part of the application to determine whether or not you're accepted and the credit limit that we can offer. We reserve the right to refuse any application

Representative example

  • Representative 23.7% APR (variable)
  • Assumed credit limit £1,200
  • Purchase rate 18.9% p.a. (variable)
  • Annual fee £30

The annual fee

We do not charge a fee per card, but charge an annual fee of £30. You can also add a card for an employee at no additional cost. We'll charge the £30 annual fee to your card as soon as you activate it and then again each year in the same month you took the card out (this may be different to the month you activated the card).

No foreign transaction fees on purchases abroad 

Use your Business Cashback Credit Card abroad and you won't be charged any foreign transaction fees on purchases when paying in the local currency. We'll convert the foreign currency using the exchange rate set by MasterCard and won't charge a foreign transaction fee (also known as a Non-Sterling Transaction fee).

Please make sure you choose the local currency option when using your card abroad.

If you choose sterling, it means that the retailer will handle the conversion and may charge you a fee. If you make a cash withdrawal when abroad you will not be charged a foreign transaction fee but will be charged interest and a 3% cash transaction fee (minimum £3).

Up to 56 days interest-free credit on purchases

When you pay your balance in full and on time each month.

Interest rates

  • Purchases: you'll pay 18.9% p.a.
  • Cash transactions: you'll pay 27.9% p.a. and a 3% fee (minimum £3) for each transaction.
  • You can see a useful summary of all the interest rates in the Summary Box (pdf)

Minimum repayments

You must make repayments each month for at least the minimum payment amount.

You'll find details of how the minimum payment is calculated in the Summary Box (pdf)

The cashback you'll earn and where

1% cashback on all purchases for your business such as office supplies, petrol and IT equipment.

Receiving your cashback

We'll pay the total cashback you earn each month onto your Business Cashback Credit Card and you'll see it on your monthly statement. Read the full cashback terms (pdf)

What you also get

  • Contactless: make quick and easy purchases up to £30, wherever you see the contactless indicator
  • Pay with your mobile by linking your Santander debit or credit card to your Apple, Android or Samsung device
  • Account alerts: you’ll be automatically registered to receive an alert when nearing your credit limit to help you avoid fees, and we’ll send you other messages to notify you of certain activity on your account. These will be sent via SMS, or if we don’t have your mobile number, by e-mail or letter. Where not required for regulatory purposes, we’ll give you the option to opt-out. Once registered, you can opt-out via Online Banking or by calling us.

Online Banking

Secure, 24/7 banking. Make payments, view statements and much more. More on Online Banking

Mobile Banking

Bank from anywhere using our Santander Business Banking app or by using bb.santander.co.uk. Get the app


Call us on 0800 218 2345. You can check your balance, find out when your next payment is due and more.

Card security

For complete confidence, when you're shopping with a Santander credit card, you're protected by:
the latest chip and PIN technology to help protect you from someone trying to use your card
our Online Banking commitment which includes protection against internet fraud if your card is used online without your knowledge
For more information on protecting your account please refer to our Security Centre

Payment methods

Making timely payments to your account will help you avoid any fees. You can make payments to your account in the following ways:

  • Direct Debit - you can set up a Direct Debit to ensure that your credit card payments are made on time. Choose to pay your full balance, the minimum amount or a fixed amount each month
  • Online - wherever you are, whatever time it is, you can log on to Online Banking and make a payment
  • By post




We'll send you a paper statement each month that will itemise each cardholder’s recent transactions. Your statement also shows your minimum payment and the date that it's due.

Need a helping hand?

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Everything you need to know before you apply

We recommend reading the information in the documents below before you apply. You may like to save or print them so you can refer to them in the future.


Pre-Contractual Explanation

We've provided a summary below of the important information that's contained in the Pre-Contractual Explanation. The full version of this can be found in the Business Credit Card Key Facts Document which can be accessed via the link above. You should also read this before you apply.

Is a business credit card right for my borrowing needs?

A credit card can be very expensive if you're not careful how you use it. It is best used when you can pay off the full balance quickly.

What interest and charges might apply?

Cash withdrawals are more expensive than purchases because you start paying interest immediately and will be charged a fee for each cash withdrawal made in the UK or abroad.

You will not be charged a non-sterling transaction fee for cash withdrawals or purchases made abroad. If you make a cash withdrawal you will be charged interest and a 3% cash transaction fee (minimum £3).

We charge an annual fee of £30 and a balance transfer fee of 3% (minimum £5) on any balance transfers. We can change the fees (including the annual fee) and interest rates on your card. We'll let you know in advance if we plan to do this.

For detailed information on fees and charges please read the Costs of Credit section in the Pre-Contract Credit Information and condition 8 of the credit agreement.

How much will I have to pay under the credit agreement?

It will cost you more if you only make your monthly minimum payments. It will cost you less if you pay off the full balance quickly.

What are the consequences to me if I do not keep up repayments?

If you miss your minimum payment you get charged a £12 fee, plus the interest keeps building up, so you end up paying back more. We will also record details with a credit reference agency and your credit rating could go down which would make it harder to get future credit. If you miss multiple repayments, your credit rating can be damaged and you might have legal proceedings brought against you. In the very worst case your debt might be secured against your house or your debt may be transferred to a debt management company. To avoid getting into this situation, please contact us if you are having difficulties in making your repayments.

Changing your mind

You can change your mind up to 14 days after you receive your card. If you do this, you must repay anything you owe.

If you're a private limited company or limited liability partnership, you'll need to sign a Personal Guarantee when you're approved for the Business Cashback Credit Card.

Before you apply we recommend that you read the Summary Box (pdf)

If you have more than two directors, owners (shareholders) or partners or your business entity isn't listed above, please visit Corporate & Commercial Banking


Keep your banking details private and secure.

For more information about our approach to security as well as more useful information to help you stop the threat of fraud visit our Security Centre