Santander launches Carers Card Account - giving carers greater flexibility when supporting our customers

  • The Santander Carers Card Account gives customers the freedom to get help with everyday transactions while remaining in control of their own money
  • Two nominated carers can have access via a card and PIN to money deposited into the Carers Card Account
  • The account gives holders the flexibility to complete a range of transactions, including online shopping and making faster payments
  • Santander’s charity partner, Alzheimer’s Society, were involved in the development of the card

Santander customers who feel they need help with their day-to-day banking and spending, can now benefit from the bank’s new Carers Card Account. The account allows customers to deposit a sum of money into an account linked to the Carers Card, which can then be used by a named carer to complete everyday spending.

The account, which has been launched as part of Santander’s Supported Banking Range1, gives existing Santander customers2 the power to select up to two carers who will be issued with their own card and PIN to access the funds the customer has deposited into their Carers Card Account, up to a maximum of £1,500.

The Carers Card Account is unique in ensuring the customer’s own account funds remain separate from the funds accessible to the carer, providing extra security and easy tracking of spending from the account. The carer will also receive individual online and mobile banking log on details, allowing them to make faster payments from the account, for example to pay a window cleaner, however all gambling transactions are blocked from the account. The customer will be able to monitor the account through regular statements, in branch, over the phone or through their own online or mobile banking.

Dorothy Liviabella, Head of Vulnerable Customer Strategy, said: “We’re delighted to introduce the Santander Carers Card Account, in addition to our wider range of Supported Banking options. The range is designed to help give customers the freedom to manage their own money and make it easier for those who provide them with help and support every day.”

In developing the account, Santander worked closely with its charity partner, Alzheimer’s Society, running focus groups with people who have been impacted by dementia and using feedback to ensure the account provided the right solution for these customers.

Morven Lean, Senior Strategic Change Manager, Alzheimer’s Society said: “For the 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK today, managing money and banking can be extremely difficult. Not only does this lead to feelings of lost independence, but there’s a real risk of people falling into debt or being left vulnerable to fraud or financial abuse. We welcome Santander’s Carers Card Account as a useful solution to these issues for people who need trusted support with everyday banking needs.”

Alongside the Carers Card Account, Santander’s Supported Banking includes Power of Attorney and Third-Party Access, which allows a trusted party to access a customer’s accounts. Customers who are interested in opening a Carers Card Account, or would like to discuss any of the measure in the Supported Banking range, can contact Santander in branch, via our online chat or over the phone on 0800 9 123 123, to find out more.

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Notes to Editors:
1) More details can be found at:
2) Customers must be over 18, resident in the UK and hold a Santander Current or Instant Access Savings Account that they are able to move money from.