Santander introduces single interest rate on Arranged Overdraft borrowing and removes all Unarranged Overdraft charges

  • Santander to introduce a single debit interest rate (EAR) of 39.9% for arranged overdraft borrowing – customers will pay 9p per day per £100 borrowed1
  • All unarranged overdraft charges and paid / unpaid item fees will be removed2
  • 86% (six out of seven) of Santander customers who use an overdraft will pay less under the new charging structure
  • Choice Account3 and new online and in-branch support4 available to help customers manage their finances

In response to the FCA’s rules to reform the overdraft market, from 6 April 2020 Santander will be introducing a single interest rate for arranged overdraft borrowing.  All on-sale adult accounts5  will charge a rate of 39.9% EAR with the exception of the Choice Account (see below).  From 6 April, the bank will also be removing all unarranged charges and paid item fees. All unpaid item fees were removed on 10 December 2019.

The new rate, which is equivalent to a charge of around 9p a day per £100 borrowed, will see six out of seven overdraft customers paying less than they are currently.   Anyone using an arranged overdraft of less than £1,065 will pay less than they do today.  

Santander will be contacting all customers at least two months ahead of the changes to make them aware of the new pricing structure and provide options for the one in seven customers who will pay more based on their current overdraft usage.

Santander will also provide a range of support measures designed to help customers manage their money better. These include: 

  • The option to switch to Santander’s Choice Account, which will have a lower EAR of 29.9% with interest capped at £20 per month. There is a monthly charge of £10 which means customers will pay a maximum of £30 per month;
  • Access to Santander’s experts who can provide additional personal assistance over the telephone6
  • In-branch “Money Talks” events nationwide, which will provide help with budgeting, planning payments, and setting a savings or debt clearing target;
  • A suite of on line resources including:
    • five short videos hosted by Gaby Roslin covering the key elements of the Money Talks events for customers who would prefer not to attend a branch; 
    • a cost calculator for customers to calculate how much their overdraft will cost them, with comparisons to previous charges; and 
    • details of third-party advisers and charities who customers can contact for further support.

Susan Allen, Head of Retail Banking at Santander, said: “The new single interest rate, combined with the removal of all other overdraft charges from our personal current accounts, provides clear and simple overdraft pricing for our customers, with the vast majority of customers paying less and a daily fee of just 9p per £100 borrowed. 

“But we know that helping people manage their day-to-day finances effectively goes beyond simplifying overdraft pricing. We have a range of support services in place – from our over-the-phone experts to our in-branch workshops – and would encourage any customer who would like help in understanding the impact of these changes, or any other aspect of managing their money, to get in touch.”

Under the FCA’s overdraft rules, customers will also be automatically enrolled for text alerts to help them avoid or prevent overdraft fees7. Those customers who repeatedly use overdrafts will also be contacted and, where suitable, offered a more cost-effective approach to meet their borrowing needs. 

Arranged overdraft cost comparison

Arranged overdraft for 31 days

Cost before 6 April 2020

(£1 a day below £2,000; 

£2 a day £2,000-£2,999; and

£3 a day £3,000 and over)

Cost after 6 April 2020 

(39.9% EAR)





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Notes to Editors 

1. 9p per £100 relates to periods of less than a month (9p is 9.34p to two decimal places). If borrowing is carried over for more than a month, compound charges will apply. The 39.9% EAR is based on compound figures. 

2. Unarranged charges on Santander current accounts:

 1|2|3, 1|2|3 Lite, Private and Select Current Accounts

Everyday Current Account

(Total unarranged fees are capped at £50 per month) 

Essentials Current Account

(Total unarranged fees are capped at £50 per month)   

1|2|3 Student Current Account

(Total unarranged fees are capped at £50 per month)

Unarranged overdraft feeNo fee

£6 per day

until 6 April 2020

No fee

£5 per day

until 6 April 2020

Unpaid item feeNo fee No fee – removed 10 December 2019No fee – removed 10 December 2019No fee – removed 10 December 2019
Paid item feeNo fee£10 per transaction until 6 April 2020No fee£5 per transaction until 6 April 2020

3. Customers who choose to transfer to the Choice account will be able to keep their existing account number, debit card and PIN and won’t need to set up any regular payments again. More details of the Choice account can be found at:

4. Available at:

5. Santander’s on-sale adult current accounts with overdraft facilities: 1I2I3, 1I2I3 Lite, Select, Private, Everyday, Choice.

6. The team can be contacted on 0800 022 4450. Lines are open 8:30am to 7pm Monday to Friday; and 9am to 1:30pm Saturday.

7. Customers who receive an alert will have until 8pm that day to credit their account in order to move back to a positive balance and avoid charges. 

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