Homeowners could save thousands by using cash boost from National Insurance cuts to overpay mortgages

  • Santander UK shows how homeowners could save thousands by putting the National Insurance (NI) cut towards overpaying their mortgage
  • A worker on a salary of £30,000, who put the full NI saving of £29 towards their mortgage would save £7,405 in interest and shave over a year off their mortgage term
  • Santander customers overpaid more than £903 million on their mortgages online or by mobile in 2023, up 78% from £508 million in 2022 

With many workers benefitting from a pay-packet boost this month as a result of the NI cuts, data from Santander shows how putting some, or all of this extra cash towards mortgage overpayments could save homeowners thousands over the life of their mortgage.

Calculations from the lender show that a worker earning £30,000 a year will see an extra £29 a month in their January 2024 payslip. If they repurposed all £29 towards overpaying a 25-year mortgage of £200,000 at 4.7% they would save £7,4051 in interest and be mortgage free more than a year earlier than planned. 

Even committing just part of a NI saving could make a difference, with Santander accepting overpayments from as little as £10 per month, which on the same mortgage would save more than £2,500 in interest and shave four months off a customer’s mortgage term2

Graham Sellar, Head of Business Development, Mortgages at Santander, said: “Many people will shortly see the first benefits of the National Insurance cut in their pay-packet. For those able to, using this extra money each month to overpay on their mortgage could reap huge benefits in the long run, saving thousands and helping them achieve the mortgage-free dream sooner than expected.”

Those earning between £60,000 and £100,000 a year will see an NI saving of £63 a month, which if put towards a £200,000 mortgage would save £15,0933 in interest and take over two years off the term. 

Regular monthly overpayments4    Interest saved over life of mortgage Time taken off mortgage term
£10 £2,6524 months
£12 £3,1695 months
£29  £7,4051 year 1 month
£45£11,145 1 year 8 months
£62£14,8812 years 3 months
£63£15,093 2 years 4 months

Calculated on the basis of a £200,000, 25-year mortgage at 4.7%.

Santander makes it easy for mortgage customers to make overpayments through its online and mobile portal. In 2023, Santander customers overpaid a total of £903 million through the lender’s online and mobile channels, an increase of 78% on the previous year. 

In the first week of 2024 alone, 18,198 overpayments were made online, with customers making use of the reset 10% overpayment allowance which sees most mortgage lenders allow customers to repay 10% of their outstanding capital each year before any early repayment charges are incurred. 

To see how much you could save, go to Santander’s mortgage overpayment calculator: Overpayment calculator | Santander UK.

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Notes to Editors:
1.    Based on regular overpayments of £29 a month on a £200,000, 25-year mortgage at 4.7%. This is for illustration only and doesn’t take into account fluctuating interest rates. Customers should speak to their lender about any fees or charges that may be incurred as a result of overpaying their mortgage. 
2.    Based on regular overpayments of £10 a month on a £200,000, 25-year mortgage at 4.7%. This is for illustration only and doesn’t take into account fluctuating interest rates.
3.    Based on regular overpayments of £63 a month on a £200,000, 25-year mortgage at 4.7%. This is for illustration only and doesn’t take into account fluctuating interest rates.
4.    Overpayments based on NI savings calculated for the following salaries:

SalaryNI saving from Jan 2024


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