Children's nursery group ramps up acquisition strategy with funding support from Santander UK


  • Kettering-headquartered Kindred Education acquires three new children’s nurseries
  • Acquisitions in Cambridgeshire supported by £7.5m funding from Santander UK
  • Further acquisitions throughout the UK are in plan for children’s nursery business


Kettering-headquartered children’s nursery business Kindred Education has acquired three new nurseries in Cambridgeshire in a one-off deal, expanding the company’s portfolio of Kindred Nurseries to 21.

The business’ latest Cambridgeshire acquisitions from HRH Nurseries of: The Barn Day Nursery in Huntingdon; Roundabout Nursery in St Ives; and Girton Nursery in Girton were supported by funding from Santander UK. The £7.5m finance package provided by Santander UK not only funded the three acquisitions but will support the business’ future acquisition strategy. Kindred Education has also shifted its day-to-day banking to Santander UK. 

The latest acquisitions bolster Kindred Education’s existing portfolio of 18 Kindred Nurseries located in Greater London, Essex, Salisbury and Bournemouth, and extend its geographic reach. The business was founded in 2015 and has a staff of 450 across its nurseries. It aspires to acquire 30 new nurseries in the next five years and expand its staff to 750.

Ruth Pimentel, CEO, Kindred Education, said: “Santander UK quickly proved invaluable when it came to supporting our growth plans, with its strong expertise in the nursery sector and knowledge of the challenges we would face with acquisitions. The bank’s help and guidance are beginning to open many opportunities for us, and we are excited to be growing into a sizable nursery group with Santander UK right beside us.”

Andy Casey, Relationship Director at Santander UK, said: “We are delighted to be working with the team at Kindred Education, who have built an excellent brand and reputation in the nurseries sector. We look forward to supporting the business to achieve its aspiration to grow rapidly over the next few years.”

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