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About Santander UK

Helping our customers at the moments that matter most

Santander UK is a large retail and commercial bank based in the UK and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the major global bank Banco Santander.

2023 Highlights

14 Million

active customers


mortgage stock  
(2022: £187.1bn)


cost-to-income ratio 
(2022: 47%)


Banking NIM
(2022: 2.06%)

7 million

digital customers


digital mortgage retention


profit before tax
(2022: £1,894m)


CET1 capital ratio  
(2022: 15.2%)


in savings to date from our transformation programme from £1bn investment   

Green Homes Report

published 'Buying into the Green Homes Revolution'

Carbon Neutral

in our own operations


stage 3 ratio  
(2022: 1.24%)