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Santander Universities has a number of ways in which we support the university community. It is our overall objective to support these institutions in improving their educational offering, encouraging innovation and promoting entrepreneurial qualities. Below is a list of examples of the ways in which we continue to support our partner universities.



For information on how to apply for scholarships, grants and awards please contact the university directly. 

How we can help you

Santander Universities believes it is important to support students during their studies and we offer a number of scholarships and research awards for students and staff in the UK and abroad; these include:

  • Scholarships & grants for students from Spain, Portugal and Latin American countries to study in the UK, and for British students to study overseas.
  • Funding for professors, staff visits and support for teaching programmes.
  • Awards for specialist research programmes, academic travel and fieldwork
  • Funding and support to research centres, projects and teams

The mobility grants offered by Santander Universities are given to national and international students to study at a university within the Santander Universities network. This has allowed students to gain academic and cultural knowledge in other countries.

Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset is a core element of the support that Santander Universities provide. Examples of our initiatives include:

  • The national Entrepreneurship Awards
  • Support for university incubators
  • Local university innovation and enterprise awards and events
  • Funding to help student start-ups
  • Our SME internship programme
  • University / Industry forums, conferences and seminars

Senior members of Santander's executive team also actively encourage and support entrepreneurship through institutional lectures and seminars.

Santander Universities works to encourage the international exchange of students and lecturers, to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and best practices within the university community.

We have close to 1,200 partner universities in our network spanning 20 countries.

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Santander Universities run a series of special projects and events that address issues or areas of focus relating to the university community. Examples of these currently include:

  • The Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards
  • A fund to support disadvantaged students undertake an international experience whilst at university
  • A fund to support the development of an entrepreneurial culture within universities and their local communities

As part of our commitment to our partner universities we also provide support to students and university staff through a dedicated network of university branches. Our support includes:

  • Products and services for the university communities
  • Branches and ATMs on campus
  • Dedicated Personal Banking Advisors.

Staff at Santander's university branches are always willing to help the university community with their financial needs.