Important contractual information is included in documents which can be accessed via the links below. We advise that you should read and consider these documents before proceeding with your application. You should print or save copies of these documents for further reference and records. If there are any questions you have regarding the agreement or you require further information please contact us.

To view these documents, you may need to download Adobe Reader.


Paper-free Current Accounts Receive your statements, letters and other important information online.

When applying online for a new account, we will arrange for your statements (e.g. your monthly and annual statements), letters and other important information (e.g. any important messages about your account, such as changes to your terms and conditions, regulatory notices and updates about the services on your account) to be stored securely within Online Banking.

To view, print and download your e-Documents, simply log on to Santander Online Banking and select “e-Documents” from the left-hand menu. We’ll usually send you an email when there is a document ready to be viewed. 
Once your account is open, if you’d prefer to receive your documents by post, you can update your account settings at any time via Santander Online Banking, visiting a Branch or calling us. 
If you want more information on paper-free, or you don’t want to receive your documents this way then contact us.

If you are applying on behalf of other applicants you must have their authority to act on their behalf. During the application you will be asked if you want to hear about products, services and offers that may be of interest. Please note the preferences you select will apply to all applicants and will override any previous preferences given. If you, or any joint account holder, would like to amend those preferences please contact us at any time.