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Our Support

Our Support

Since 2007 we have helped many students and staff to achieve their educational goals, such as: studying abroad, starting a business, establishing international academic links and much more. Santander Universities' commitment to higher education is unwavering and we continue to support universities through funding and internationalisation.

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Scholarships, grants and awards

Santander Universities believes it is important to support students during their studies and we offer a number of scholarships and research awards for students and staff in the UK and abroad; these include:


  • Scholarships & grants for students from Spain, Portugal and Latin American countries to study in the UK, and for British students to study overseas.

  • Funding for professors, staff visits and support for teaching programmes.

  • Awards for specialist research programmes, academic travel and fieldwork

  • Funding and support to research centres, projects and teams


The mobility grants offered by Santander Universities are given to national and international students to study at a university within the Santander Universities network.

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