Apply for a 1|2|3 Mini Current Account

We have 2 ways to apply


Choose this option if you’re aged between 13 and 17


You can't apply online if you want to open a 1|2|3

Mini Current Account in trust

At your local branch

Choose this option if you're opening the account in trust for a child under 13

You can also choose this option if you're aged between 13 and 17 and don't want to apply online


Key Facts Document and Terms & Conditions

We’ll email you copies, but you should read and consider these documents before you apply (you can also print or save them). If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us. To see these documents, you may need to download Adobe Reader.

If you’re one of our younger customers and there’s something you don’t understand, you may want to ask your parent or guardian about it. You should do this before you apply.


  • We’ll send your statements and other important information to your e-Documents section in Online Banking.
  • You can ask to receive your statements and important information by post using Online Banking, in one of our branches or by phone.