Protecting your business

Our partners at AXA Business Insurance know what they’re talking about when it comes to protecting your business.


They’ve helped us round up some of their best content around the ways to make sure you’re protected. That could be through their insurance policies or helping you understand what to expect when just starting out.

Consider taking out public liability insurance

Public liability insurance could pay for damages and legal costs if a customer or supplier makes a claim against your business. For example, if someone's injured in your workplace, your business could be held responsible. You could be liable if the products you supply damage someone's property. And you could have a claim made against you if your business activities harm someone else. Would you have enough cash reserves to deal with a potentially lengthy legal process and pay out? That’s where this kind of cover can come in.

Read more about the ins and outs of public liability insurance.

Understand if you should have professional indemnity insurance

This kind of business insurance can cover you if you’re found to have provided poor services, bad advice or below-standard design, which resulted in customers or others losing money. For any business that provides advice or a service to customers, professional indemnity can protect you against unexpected legal costs.

Read some frequently asked questions about professional indemnity insurance.

Protecting the name of your business

Have you started a business and found a name for it that you love? It’s important that you protect that name and make sure no one else can start using it.

Learn more about the difference between registering and trademarking a business name.

How to deal with the most common startup risks

Starting a business is a venture that’s full of risk. While there’s no way to fully eliminate risk, you can always arm yourself with knowledge. AXA has detailed some of the most common startup risks and how to handle them. This will help you be ready to protect your business if that situation arises.

Read how to protect your business from these common startup risks.

Do a health and safety check

For many small businesses, the health of their profit margins could be tied to the health and safety of their staff. That includes everyone who comes into contact with the business. AXA has rounded up some easy-to-implement checks and safety measures that could help keep the health and safety of your employees and customers at the forefront of your workplace.

Keep everyone safe using these health and safety tips.

If you’re looking for more useful blogs, in-depth guides and practical advice to help your small business, visit AXA’s Business Guardian Angel to read more.

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