SME support toolkit

Tools, resources and guidance to help you navigate uncertainty.


Economic uncertainty is one of the most common concerns for our business customers. Those worries could be about general things like inflation and the impact on prices. They could be about energy costs, or how to manage late payments. Our priority is to do what we can to support you and your business. If you need a helping hand, we've built our SME support toolkit to give you easy access to all the help we offer. If you're really worried, need urgent support, or can't find what you need in the toolkit, just contact us.

Why have we developed the toolkit?

Our recent research into the rising cost of living found that:

  • More than two thirds of UK SMEs have been forced to increase their prices.

  • A third of SMEs have been searching for cheaper suppliers.

  • 31% have been monitoring and minimising their energy use.

  • More than 20% of SMEs have shelved plans to grow their staff.

  • Consumers are spending less with local businesses.

We want to help you face these challenges. Our online SME support toolkit gives you a range of tools we think you'll find useful.

We’ve included tools to support you with many different aspects of your business. Perhaps you'd like to develop your skills and confidence through coaching or mentoring. Maybe you'd like to expand overseas and find new customers. Have a look at what’s available, share the resources with your teams, and reach out to us if you need further support.

We’d also love your feedback to make sure we’re offering the support that matters most to you.

Over the next few months we’ll be adding to these guides and tools. Visit the toolkit regularly for updates.