Santander Breakthrough business coaching programme

A range of business coaching masterclasses for every step of your entrepreneurial journey


Thousands of business owners use ActionCOACH to reach their professional and personal goals. Owners turn to coaching to get the freedom and lifestyle they sought when they first went into business. ActionCOACH will get you started on the right journey to building a successful business.

With more than 250 coaches in the UK and over 1,000 worldwide, ActionCOACH delivers its proven business development systems to thousands of business owners every week. Owners often turn to coaching to get the freedom and lifestyle they sought when they first went into business.

What you can expect from an ActionCOACH

  • You’ll gain clarity and focus on what’s important.
  • You’ll be very clear on your goals, and be driven in the right direction.
  • You’ll be held accountable to your commitments.
  • Your leadership skills and abilities will develop.
  • You’ll be stretched to outline a clear roadmap for your business.


What support is available?

We’ve teamed up with ActionCOACH to run a series of business masterclasses. These are fully funded by Santander, and designed to help you grow your business, however many sessions you choose to join.

Mindset Matters – how to unleash your potential

  • Gain insights into personal thought patterns and habits, fostering greater self-awareness and the ability to identify and overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Develop effective goal-setting strategies, aligning personal and professional objectives to create a roadmap for success.
  • Cultivate a mindset that embraces change and uncertainty, equipping participants with the ability to adapt to evolving business landscapes.
  • Introduce gratitude practices to promote a positive outlook, appreciation for achievements, and a sense of fulfilment in personal and professional life.

Build and develop a marketing machine

  • Gain a deep understanding of strategic marketing concepts and frameworks to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy aligned with business goals.
  • Develop strategies for effective brand positioning, distinguishing the business from competitors and creating a unique value
    proposition in the market.
  • Understand the importance of integrated marketing campaigns and learn how to coordinate various marketing channels for a cohesive and impactful strategy.


Closing with confidence - elevate your sales mastery

  • Develop and refine fundamental sales techniques to effectively communicate with clients, understand their needs, and close deals.
  • Learn how to identify and target the right prospects, creating a more focused and efficient approach to sales.
  • Improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills to build rapport.
  • Streamline the sales process for increased efficiency.

Building systems to drive your business

  • Learn how to design and implement systems that streamline operations, reduce bottlenecks, and enhance overall organisational efficiency.
  • Develop systems that are scalable to accommodate growth, ensuring that the organisation can adapt to changing demands and expanding markets.
  • Integrate sustainable practices into systems, considering environmental and social impacts, to align with corporate responsibility goals.

Clear communication strategies for effective team alignment

  • Develop clear and effective communication skills, enabling you to articulate ideas, instructions, and feedback more precisely.
  • Gain insights into the DISC model, allowing you to recognise and adapt to different communication styles, enhancing interpersonal interactions.
  • Enhance leadership skills by tailoring communication approaches to effectively lead and motivate individuals with varying communication preferences.
  • Understand how individual communication styles contribute to overall team dynamics, fostering a more cohesive and productive team.

Create a winning team and culture for success

  • Align team members with the organisation’s values, mission, and goals, creating a cohesive and unified culture within the workplace.
  • Provide tools and strategies for managing change, helping the team adapt to new challenges and embrace opportunities for growth.
  • Implement strategies to enhance team efficiency and productivity.
  • Encourage a culture of innovation and creativity, where team members feel empowered to contribute ideas and solutions to improve processes and outcomes.