Abode Heat and their ActionCOACH experience

Ben Hodges, Business Development Director at Abode Heat, talked to us about the impact coaching has had on the business.


Bodmin based Abode Heat has 12 years industry experience, specialising in heat pumps and heat storage. They first worked with ActionCOACH in 2020. This was part of Santander’s early response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It gave businesses access to workshops designed to help them navigate the uncertain months ahead.

Santander gave us access to a programme focused on growing a business in a challenging time. The 90 initial day planning session was an excellent introduction in using outcome focused goals. This reinforced what we were already doing. At the time, that was hugely reassuring. We’ve since invested our own time and money in grabbing the growth opportunity. ActionCOACH will support and guide us towards it.

Working with their ActionCOACH, Duncan McKechnie, has given them new focus. He's helped them align as a team to work towards the same shared goals. As a result they're on target to exceed their business plan projections.

Ben would encourage other business owners to consider working with a coach. But it's important to see it as an investment rather than a cost. Coaching can make a huge difference in taking your business to the next stage. Watch the video above to hear more on their experience.