Energy saving tips for small businesses


Encouragingly, 92% of decision makers in small businesses are trying to be more energy efficient in the workplace. Whether you’ve been working to make your business as energy efficient as possible for months, or are just getting started, these simple tips from Energy Saving Trust could help make a difference this winter.

1. Check your energy bills and ensure you only pay for what your business uses

If you don’t know what you’re spending, you won’t know what you can save. 

Many smaller businesses are eligible for a smart meter, which will give you accurate bills, not estimates. Installations are happening now, so to find out if your business is eligible for a smart meter, contact your energy supplier.

2. Find something you can switch off

It might seem obvious, but whatever your business, there is probably something that’s turned on, even though you’re not using it. Look around you... you could start saving straight away.

3. Engage your staff

Everyone in a business can play a role when reducing energy use. Get your staff involved in energy saving efforts from the start, rather than just telling them what to do when you’ve decided. This way they’ll be more likely to take it seriously.

4. Make a plan

Some energy saving changes are quick and easy, but others will take time, planning and money. Think ahead and work out what you can afford to do and when, so energy upgrades aren’t a shock to you or your budget.

5. Tell your customers

One in four of us are more likely to visit a business that cares about sustainability. So talk about the energy saving actions you’ve already taken and show people you mean what you say.

Smart meters can help with this too! They are an essential part of Britain’s commitment to reaching net zero, helping to reduce reliance on fossil fuels such as coal and gas.

For more information see Energy saving tips for small businesses | Smart Energy GB.

How can I request a smart meter for my small business?

Many businesses are eligible to get a smart meter installed on their premise. To find out more or request a smart meter of your own visit Smart meters for small businesses | Smart Energy GB.