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For businesses of all sizes and sectors, the world of work has dramatically changed since the start of 2020. Research carried out by Santander in 2021 found that:

  • Almost one-third of businesses (28%) reported that remote working had made staff more productive, and the pandemic had highlighted the limited need for permanent office/shop space going forward.

  • Four in ten (39%) of these businesses plan to make working from home permanent.

  • The introduction of flexible working (because of the pandemic) is the change that businesses are most likely to make permanent (42% of respondents).

Businesses also tell us that a dramatic shortage of skilled staff is the biggest threat to UK businesses’ growth ambitions.

  • 7 in 10 businesses regard their ability to attract skilled staff as crucial to determining whether they’ll grow over the next three years.

  • Against this backdrop, recruitment and retention is now the number one priority for business investment.  Almost half of UK firms (45%) are planning to pump money in recruitment and retention over the coming 12 months. However, whether they’ll be able to find and keep the staff they need remains to be seen.

  • Rising labour costs are likely to affect businesses’ ability to attract the skills they need, and businesses are increasingly reporting higher wage bills. 46% say that starting salaries have risen significantly since last autumn.

This combination of workplace evolution and a new recruitment landscape also means changing how business leaders find, support and manage their people. But you don’t need to have an in-house HR team to guide you through new ways of working. Imagine finding a ready-made HR team, health & safety manager and employment law specialist working in your business who understand the changing needs of your workforce at the click of a button. That’s where a solution like BrightHR could help you as you recruit, develop and support your employees.

What you can expect from BrightHR

BrightHR launched their HR and health & safety software after realising small business owners like you were spending hours every day on people management tasks, when they could be spending it growing their business.

  • Subject experts: With their legal know-how and years of experience, they know their stuff. They don’t lecture or judge, they simply break down mind-boggling information so that it’s easier for you to understand.

  • Straight-talkers: They’ll give you the advice you need to hear every time. And they won’t bombard you with tech talk or legal jargon either. They speak like real people because that’s what they are.

  • An ally: They know what small businesses need because that’s how they got started. They’ve faced the same struggles and revelled in the same triumphs. That’s what makes them believe in helping your business grow.

What help is available from BrightHR?

BrightHR Lightning

BrightHR Lightning is designed to give UK businesses straightforward commercial advice on managing staff at the touch of a button, completely free. You get speedy, legally sound answers to your questions on HR and employment law. See BrightHR Lightning for more details.

Bright Exchange

The opportunity to promote your business to an extensive network of businesses and consumers through BrightHR’s customer marketplace. See Bright Exchange for details.

Tools and resources

You’ll find a wealth of information on all aspects of HR, and you’ll also find some of their insights in our related articles below. Search for ‘People & HR’ in our resources section or check out BrightHR’s Download Centre for more.

Free HR advice line for Santander customers

Exclusively for Santander customers, BrightHR are providing their BrightAdvice helpline, absolutely free. You can get expert HR employment law advice from Bright’s qualified experts from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Limitations may apply but BrightHR will cover this in more detail once you contact them.

Call BrightHR on 0800 756 0841

How do I know if BrightHR is the right solution for my business?

We always encourage business owners to find solutions that are right for them and their needs and the best way to do this is to try their services. For more information on whether BrightHR could help your business, visit the BrightHR website.



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