Sustainability and CSR

Unlocking the possibility of a better world


Our sustainability pillars

At Santander, we are driven by our purpose: to help people and businesses prosper.

We understand the decisions we take impact on society, on the UK economy, and on our environment. This is why we are embedding sustainability into the way we do business.

Our strategy focuses on the issues where, as a bank, we feel we can make the biggest impact. We believe that by embracing sustainability and integrating social, economic and environmental considerations into our business decisions, we can, step by step, drive progress for our customers and employees, as well as our business and society.


Sustainability Pillar 1

1. Creating a thriving workplace

We know that talented people want to work for companies that act responsibly and are driven by a purpose that goes beyond profits. 

We want to create a progressive workplace that attracts and retains the best talent, supports employee wellbeing, celebrates diversity and continuously invests in our people’s skills. We want our people to feel comfortable, confident and empowered no matter their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion or disability.


Sustainability pillar 2

2. Driving sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion

We want to deliver long lasting, sustainable growth and positive socio-economic impact not only through our charitable giving and community programmes, but also through our business operations. 

We’ll do this by promoting financial inclusion for people and businesses, supporting the growth of SMEs and social enterprises and considering the risks and opportunities of climate change in the way we do business.


Sustainability pillar 3

3. Driving inclusive digitalisation

By unlocking the potential of digitalisation we believe we can help our customers and society explore the possibilities technology brings, by supporting them to embrace progress and find new ways to overcome some of the challenges of everyday life. 

We have a responsibility to use the power of technology to support financial inclusion, improve cybersecurity, fight financial crime and protect customer privacy and security.


Sustainability pillar 4

4. Upholding the highest ethical standards and fighting financial crime

Ethics and integrity are at the heart of a prosperous business and society. We want to protect and maintain our license to operate by acting responsibly and demonstrating how we live up to our values. We’re determined to uphold the highest standards, promote human rights and sound business ethics and corporate culture. 

The fair treatment of customers remains at the heart of what we do. We’ll deal with any form of customer fraud or misconduct as a priority and are committed to raising customer awareness and resilience to any form of financial fraud.