Our journey so far

Our ambition

There has been a focus on work over recent years. Businesses play a key role in being a part of the solution.


Our strategy supports our vision of helping people and businesses prosper. It sets out our ambitions and responds to our most important issues.

Evolving our strategy further

We review our strategy on an ongoing basis. In 2021, we reassessed the strategy to reflect the changing climate. As a result, we have simplified our strategic framework. Upholding the highest ethical standards is at the core of our strategy.

Above this, we want to create:

  • A thriving workplace

  • Better communities

  • Financial inclusion and education

  • A healthier environment


We have developed a new Financial Inclusion strategy. This adds to our existing diversity and inclusion strategies.

Moving ahead

We want to make an impact in areas where we can make the biggest difference. Our work has identified how we can maximise our impact as a business. We have identified three areas where we will focus our efforts:

  • Education including financial education and knowledge

  • Helping to build green homes and businesses in the UK

  • Social mobility

Our journey so far | Santander Sustainability

Materiality Assessment

We have based our strategy on our most relevant material issues. In 2020, we conducted an assessment of our material issues. It's key to identify issues that are most important to our business. Since then, our key material topics have since remained the same. They form the basis of our strategy and reporting.

This year, we will be working with Banco Santander to define our key issues. We want to apply a coordinated global approach for future assessments.

Our journey so far | Santander Sustainability