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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To find your savings interest rate you can use our Interest Rate Finder.


    If you hold a Fast Access, SIPP Fast Access, Special Reserve, Cash ISA (TOISA), Retirement Investment Account (ANRIA), Santander Shareholder Account, Treasurers Instant Saver or Charity Investment Account, details of your interest rates can be found here (pdf).

  • If you think you may have lost or forgotten about an old savings or bank account, we can help.

    An account becomes dormant when you do not make any transactions on your account:

    • for one year in the case of current accounts or;

    • for three years in the case of savings accounts

    This means that we will stop sending you statements, letters and cards.

    To track down any accounts you may have, simply take one of the following steps:

    1. If your account is Dormant, visit any Santander Branch and speak to our team. Please bring any account documentation, such as a passbook or statement. You’ll also need some form of identification, for example a passport or driving license.

    2. If you are unsure if your account is Dormant, or you have found a passbook or old statement, you can call us on 0800 9 123 123 or visit any Santander branch with identification. Lines open 7am to 11 pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 10pm Sundays.

    3. If you are aware of a bank or building society holding an account then you should first approach that bank or building society direct to see whether the account is still open.
      If it is not, then you can go to to either complete an online request or download a dormant account form from the site, and send it to Santander at:
      Santander Savings Correspondence
      , CST 1 PO Box 1109,Bradford, BD1 5ZJ

    You can follow their guidance or use this service to search for a dormant or lost account. This service helps with the search of accounts that are no longer on the live or open part of the bank or building society's customer records and instead are being maintained as part of their record of lost or dormant accounts.

    Unclaimed Assets Scheme
    We participate in the unclaimed assets scheme established under the Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Act 2008. The purpose of the scheme is to enable money in dormant accounts (i.e. balances in accounts that have been inactive or dormant for 15 years or more) to be distributed for the benefit of the community while protecting the rights of customers to reclaim their money.
    Under the scheme, we may transfer balances of dormant accounts to Reclaim Fund Ltd (RFL). RFL is a not for profit reclaim fund which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    If we transfer the balance of your account to RFL, you will have against RFL whatever right to payment of your balance you would have had against us if the transfer had never happened. However, we will remain responsible for managing all aspects of the customer relationship with you and for handling all repayment claims (which we will do on behalf of RFL). Therefore, you should continue to contact us in the usual way if you have any queries or complaints in relation to your account or balance.

    Both we and RFL participate in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The transfer by us to RFL of your balance will not adversely affect any entitlement you have to compensation from the FSCS.

  • We're sorry to hear that you are thinking about closing your savings account or cash ISA. Please call 0800 9 123 123. Lines open 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 8am-10pm on Sundays.

  • Your bond maturity date can be found on the bond certificate that was issued to you when you opened the account.

  • The easiest way to change your address and contact details (including your telephone number and email address) is to do it via Online Banking. It will be changed instantly.

    If you have a joint account you can only change your own name and/or address within Online Banking. If both names and/or addresses need to be changed, both account holders must log on to their own Online Banking and change their own details.

    You can also change it by telephone or in branch.

    1. Online Banking (instant):

      Log on and update your details instantly from within the "My Details & Settings" tab.

      • Choose 'Change personal details' from the left hand menu and then click 'Change address'.

      • Enter your new details (including postcode) and follow the onscreen instructions.

      • Please note: You will need to enter a One Time Passcode (OTP) to complete this change, so make sure you have your mobile phone to hand.

    2. By telephone (for current account and savings customers):

      • Call our Telephone Banking line on 0800 9 123 123. Lines open 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 10pm Sundays.

    3. In branch:

      • Complete a change of details form by

        • Printing off and completing the Change of details form (pdf) *

        • Requesting a copy of the form by calling us on 0800 9 123 123. Lines open 7am-11pm Monday to Saturday and 8am-10pm on Sundays.

        • Collect a form from your local branch.

      • Take the form to your local branch together with relevant account documentation:

        • Your cash card, passbook or certificate and;

        • Signature bearing identification such as a full UK driving licence or valid EEA passport (this includes UK passport).

    If you would like to discuss our identification requirements please call us on 0800 9 123 123 and we will be happy to help. Lines open 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 10pm Sundays.

    Important information for customers with alerts: If you have Account alerts set up on your account and you want these to be sent to your updated telephone number and/or email address, then you will need to amend your alerts via the 'Account Services' tab in Online Banking as they are not automatically updated when you change your details.

    * To open these documents you will need to have Adobe Reader. If you don't already have Adobe Reader you can download it for free

  • If you've applied for an account online or over the phone you can see what happens next by checking our after you've applied pages.

  • There are 4 steps you should take before moving abroad.

    1. Review your accounts.

    2. Sign-up for Online Banking and Telephone Banking.

    3. Register for Account alerts.

    4. Update your contact details.

    1. Review your accounts
    Moving abroad may have an impact on the accounts you have with Santander, in particular the benefits provided as part of the account and methods of repayments.

    The table below lists by product any impact that could affect you by moving abroad.

    You may wish to consider booking an appointment in branch for more information and for details of the options available to you.

    If you haven't already, please visit Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website for more information on any change to your tax status whilst you're away, or you can call them on +44 135 535 9022.

    Impact of moving abroad on accounts

    Current Accounts
    123 Current Account
    • Cashback will only be earned on Direct Debits in the UK to institutions on our Eligible Originators Classifications Listing©.

    • Check the 'Where can I get cashback?' page for the list.

    Premier and Premier Direct Current Accounts with European Travel Insurance
    • If you hold any of these products, you will not be eligible for the European travel insurance benefit on your account. We recommend talking to us to review your account options.

    • For joint accounts, if one of you moves abroad that person will no longer be eligible for the travel insurance benefit. The other account holder will continue to be eligible.

    Savings Accounts, Fixed Rate Bonds, ISAs and Investments
    Fixed Rate Bonds
    • We will continue to write to you at least 14 days before your bond matures with details of the options available to you. If you do not contact us before your bond matures, your money will be transferred into an instant access account at maturity.

    Cash ISAs, Investments ISAs and Investments
    • You can't open or add to an existing ISA or Investment when you cease to be a resident in the UK for tax purposes. The exception to this is for Crown employees working overseas or the spouse or civil partner of a Crown employee working overseas. They can open or add to an existing ISA but not an Investment.

    • You can keep your ISA or Investment and continue to put money in it when you become a resident in the UK for tax purposes again, subject to the normal annual ISA limits.

    • For more information please visit HMRC's website.

    Personal Loans
    Personal Loans
    • We can't accept Direct Debits from overseas bank accounts. Direct Debit payments will need to continue to be made from a UK bank account.

    • It is important that you refer to your insurance policy document that will contain details of who you should contact to notify of your change in circumstances.

    • We can't accept Direct Debits from overseas bank accounts. Direct Debit payments will need to continue to be made from a UK bank account.

    • Please let us know if you decide to rent out your UK home.

    Credit Cards
    Credit Cards
    • If you hold any of our credit cards, you may not be eligible for associated benefits on your account if moving abroad. We recommend talking to us to review your credit card account options.

    • We can't accept Direct Debits from an overseas bank account. Direct Debit payments will need to continue to be made via a UK bank account.

    123 Credit Card
    • Cashback will only be earned on purchases in the UK to retailers within eligible Merchant Category Codes.

    • Check the 'Where can I get cashback?' page for the list.

    2. Sign-up for Online Banking and Telephone Banking
    Before you leave you should sign up for Online and Telephone Banking as both will help you manage your account remotely when you are no longer able to access a branch.

    Go to Register for Online Banking for more information on Online Banking and how to register.

    Please note that our Online and Telephone Banking services are not available for all products.

    3. Register for Account alerts
    In order to register for our Account alerts service, you need to be able to log on to Santander Online Banking.

    If you're already registered for our Online Banking Service, you'll find details on how to set up your alert service in the 'Account Services' tab.

    4. Update your contact details
    It is important that you make sure your contact details, especially your mobile telephone number, are up to date, so that Santander can contact you while you are abroad should we suspect fraudulent activity on your account.

    The easiest way to do this is to send us a secure message via Online Banking, visit your local branch, or call:

    Debit cards
    0800 9 123 123 (+44 1908 237 963). Lines are open 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 10pm Sundays.

    Credit cards
    0800 9 123 123 (+44 1512 648 725). Lines are open 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 10pm Sundays.

  • Santander UK plc is an authorised deposit taker and accepts deposits under this name and the cahoot & Santander Corporate and Commercial Bank trading names. Your eligible deposits are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit protection scheme.


    The FSCS protects most depositors, including individuals and small companies, up to £85,000 until 31st December 2015 after which the limit will change to £75,000. Eligible deposits of large companies and small local authorities are covered up to £75,000. 


    For further information about the compensation scheme, please download the Protecting your Money FSCS Leaflet opens in a new window, or visit You can save and/or print this for your records. It is in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat to be able to view this leaflet

  • Charges apply when you use your cash card abroad.

    Scenario Fees or charges
    Withdrawing money (foreign currency) and purchasing traveller's cheques
    Withdrawing cash abroad (either in a bank or at a cash machine), or purchasing traveller's cheques or foreign currency when abroad (at another bank, bureau de change or other outlet displaying the Cirrus/Plus signs) in a currency other than Sterling
    You will be charged a non-Sterling transaction fee of 2.75% of the value plus a non-Sterling cash fee of 1.5% of the value (at least £1.99)

     Illustrative cost examples based on a €100 (Euro) transaction

    Transaction Transaction value Non-Sterling transaction fee Non-Sterling purchase fee Non-Sterling ?cash fee Total cost
    Debit card and Cash card cash withdrawal
     €100* 2.75% n/a 1.5% (min £1.99) £81.99
    £77.86^ £2.14  £0  £1.99

    ^Visa exchange rate of €1 = £0.778561 as at 1 June 2016
    The exchange rates reflect the rate applicable when the scheme processed the transaction and not the date on which the transaction took place.

    Please note:

    • When you use your cash card abroad in a currency other than Sterling, we convert the amount to Sterling using the exchange rate set by Visa or MasterCard (subject to card type) on the date the money is taken from your account. Visa exchange rates can be found at and MasterCard exchange rates can we found at

    • Daily cash withdrawal limits apply. See Interest Rates and Fees Information for full details (pdf).

  • Can’t find what you are looking for? Find more on the main FAQs page.

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