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Opportunities for internationalisation

Santander Universities and internationalisation

Santander Universities and internationalisation

Santander Universities works to encourage the international exchange of students and lecturers, to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and best practices within the university community. Below are examples of how we encourage internationalisation and provide opportunities for staff and students to collaborate with universities across the globe.

Top Brazil

Top Brazil

As part of our commitment to encouraging internationalisation we organize an annual exchange programme between students and staff from Brazil and the UK with the name Top Brazil-UK. This programme allows Brazilian students and teachers to travel to renowned British universities and in exchange UK students visit their Brazilian counterparts. The programme lasts for two weeks and gives students the opportunity to experience lectures at some of the top UK and Brazilian universities and also learn more about the countries' traditions and culture.

Babson programme

 Alice Leyshon with students from the Babson programme

Each year Santander Universities UK collaborates with Santander Universities US to send two students from the UK to Babson College in Boston. In 2014 James Geary, Keele University, and Nada Aly from the University of Liverpool, were given the opportunity to participate in the programme to attend Babson College in Boston for two weeks. Whilst there students were able to experience the United States university lifestyle, attend lectures and also socialise with other students. The programme was focused on entrepreneurial thought and action and each class was based on a different aspect of entrepreneurship. This is an annual programme with the aim of strengthening relationships between UK universities and Babson College, Boston. 

University of Valencia visit to London

Students from the University of Valencia visit the Santander Head Office in London

As well as providing opportunities for UK students to visit partner universities across the world, each year the Santander Universities Global division arranges for students from the University of Valencia to visit London. While here the students visited some of the top Spanish companies with offices in London, including a visit to the Santander London Head Office. In July 2013 the students' visit to Santander included presentations from members of the Santander Universities and Santander Corporate Team about working in a large corporate environment and the importance of taking on international work experience.

The III Universia International Meeting of Vice-Chancellors 2014

The III Universia International Meeting of Vice-Chancellors 2014

The III Universia International Vice-Chancellors Meeting in Rio de Janeiro took place on 28th and 29th July 2014, with the aim of analysing the future of universities and their ability to respond to the demands of today's society. 

During the event Santander Group Chairman, Emilio Botín, emphasized the efforts of Santander and Universia to attain the set goals and took the opportunity to announce Santander's investment of 700 million euros to university projects in the next four years.

The event attracted more than 2,000 contributions from academic experts by means of online social networking services and academic debates held during the conference. More than 1,100 Vice-Chancellors and academics attended the conference in Rio de Janeiro, which culminated in an institutional commitment by all universities as part of the Rio University Charter 2014.

The 4th Universia International Meeting of Vice-Chancellors will be held in Salamanca in 2018. 

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